Re: [sdre-l]: voice change?

1999-10-23 Thread Paul Hack
Could just be the mix, but I prefer to think it's his vocal skills developing. There's a lot more texture and subtlety to the vocals on LP2, HowItFeels, and FrogQueen. That's not to say that Diary doesn't rock me like a hurricane. --Paul - Original Message - From:

Re: [sdre-l]: what would you recomend...

1999-10-23 Thread Tara Matthews
I would definately recommend diary first, because it was their first...In my experience, the people that hear HIFTBSO first, seem to not end up liking sdre as much they should be liked. you know? Hearing the albums in the order in which they came out ... seems like a good idea because

[sdre-l]: that voice

1999-10-23 Thread mother brain
Hello to all of you, I think jeremy's voice is maturing nicely, but if I had to complain about two things on the cd it would be that he doesn't scream like on the studio albums--completely unerstable, I must say--and Joe Bass' tone just isn't up to it on some songs, especially j'nuh. I really

[sdre-l]: [sdre-l] live

1999-10-23 Thread Neal Sidhwaney
i agree with the poster comment. i was like "THIS is the poster i get for ordering early?" the only non-music SDRE memorabilia i have is the diary t-shirt so i was really looking forward to it too. *sigh* i think the sound on the live video is great but the video aspect of it looks SO

Re: [sdre-l]: Sdre poor live show.

1999-10-23 Thread james j frye
i left and moved and now i got my computer running so i get to keep updated on all the sdre news..yeah! so first hello to all. and i have heard some weird sdre stuff, but ill talk later it breaks my heart to see that someone disagrees that the shows are mediocre??? that might be because the whole

[sdre-l]: Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 09:30:02 CDT

1999-10-23 Thread Tom Cober
For all the Sunny Day Fans who like Appleseed cast and live in the chicago area. They're playing a show Nov. 7th at Fireside Bowl. If you've never heard AC, I guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt if you like Sunny Day you'll like them too. See you at the show. Tom

[sdre-l]: the live cd is out - preorderers, check your mail!

1999-10-23 Thread Rob Riss
hi, just checked my mail and found the new live cd with the rest of my junk. The packaging is kind of basic, just a digipak thing with a black and white cover (that sketch on the subpop page). The inside has a picture of dan singing on the left with the liner notes, and a blurry picture of

Re: [sdre-l]: what would you recomend...

1999-10-23 Thread SuperDanSDRE
Actually, I heard Diary first, and I was completely blown away, so I would definitely recommend that first... (especially since I'm a drummer and this is my favorite to date as far as Will's stuff goes)... but second, I heard HIFTBSO, because they didn't have lp2 at the store I went to at the

[sdre-l]: frustration of all...

1999-10-23 Thread Michael K Earle
yeah, so i was at work, reading the list and all, so i decide to surf on over to see the live video and... cripes! my sound card doesn't work! i'm never using that station again! to Jared: I'm pretty sure he always sang : "Shakespeare...sang 'Aramay'"(which i think is a song or poem from one of

Re: [sdre-l]: uh, hi?

1999-10-23 Thread Paul Hack
Hey there. As far as the Engik/Christianity stuff you should go check out and read the band history stuff and its links. I've attached a good file of FAQs to start you out. As far as other bands with the same emotional intensity and style (i guess emo ia as good a word as