[sdre-l]: [sdre-l]hardcore Jeremy

1999-10-04 Thread Paul Hack
Has anyone heard, or were any recordings even made of Jeremy's pre-SDRE bands Reason For Hate and Tears For The King??? Is it good stuff, and where do I find it? --Theo

[sdre-l]: [sdre-l]Vehicle Birth

1999-10-04 Thread Paul Hack
Hey, any Vehicle Birth fans out there? This was an innovative, emo-influenced band who put out one great LP on Crank! records (still available), and self-published two obscure 7"s. They broke up in the middle of their last tour, this past spring. But don't despair-- there is a

[sdre-l]: [sdre-l] early SDRE

1999-10-04 Thread Paul Hack
What I would really like is for some kind person to tape me their copies of Flatland Spider, Thief Steal Me A Peach, and any other early and/or obscure SunnyDay material. I have had no luck in finding copies of my own. I will trade tapes of anything in my (fairly large) CD/vinyl

Re: [sdre-l]: New Label

1999-10-13 Thread Paul Hack
Timebomb is a small indie label that seems to favor punk and electronica. They have bands like No Knife and Aquabats, and bands like Elevator Drops and Death In Vegas. I don't have any Timebomb records, and I really don't understand SDRE's choice of the label, but I'm expecting good things. (Of

Re: [sdre-l]: voice change?

1999-10-23 Thread Paul Hack
Could just be the mix, but I prefer to think it's his vocal skills developing. There's a lot more texture and subtlety to the vocals on LP2, HowItFeels, and FrogQueen. That's not to say that Diary doesn't rock me like a hurricane. --Paul - Original Message - From:

Re: [sdre-l]: uh, hi?

1999-10-23 Thread Paul Hack
Hey there. As far as the Engik/Christianity stuff you should go check out sunnydayrealestate.com and read the band history stuff and its links. I've attached a good file of FAQs to start you out. As far as other bands with the same emotional intensity and style (i guess emo ia as good a word as