Re: [Server-devel] XS 0.5.1-dev03 with ejabberd goodness, kernel bling, Access Point workingness... looking for xmas testers

2009-01-02 Thread Martin Langhoff
2008/12/30 David Leeming
 -  Installed 0.5 Nov 19th download on Toshiba notebook computer with
 black box prototype AA (USB)

 -  yum --enablerepo=olpcxs-testing update
 -  restart

Just to make double, triple-sure... can you tell us what the ouput of ...?

   rpm -qa ejabberd-xs

 -  One one of 4 XOs, log onto ejabberd web admin and set up shared
 roster Online

 -  restart

 -  start all four XOs and register, then restart

the restart here is just of the XOs, right?

 At this stage I cannot see any other XO...

Damn, this is so strange. Something else must be getting in the way here.

 Log attached

Thanks! I've reviewed the logs. They look very normal to me.

I'm a bit lost here. Something is subtly wrong somewhere. Either in
the procedure you're following or in the software. We need to find out
what it is...


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[Server-devel] File Sharing on XS - (was:XS 0.5.1-dev03 with...)

2009-01-02 Thread Martin Langhoff
2008/12/31 Anna
 2008/12/31 David Leeming
 I want to do a new install but can you let me know if I can install Samba
 and how to set up access to a shared folder on a Windows PC on the LAN as I
 have a large content collection and it takes ages to copy it all again by
 flash drive. Or maybe there is a better way to do it.

 I was curious about that, too, so I looked into other alternatives as Samba
 can sometimes be a pain to configure.  It's also yet another service to run
 on the XS.

 I found an sshfs utility for Windows called Dokan.  And it's free for
 non-commercial purposes!  This might make more sense than fooling with
 Samba, especially if you only have one Windows machine to deal with.

Good tip about sshfs - I didn't know there was a workable Windows
implementation. Another route could be the Fuse-for-windows
implementation I frequently hear about.

But we have another path we an follow :-)

There are some patches for Moodle 1.9, written by me (and included in
2.0) that add support for WebDAV.

So this is a separate thread on this matter (easy file sharing for
XS?). So far

 - Samba
   - fastest, most mature
   - hard to configure clients (authentication issues, etc)
   - assumes reliable connectivity - clients lock up briefly if
connection vanishes
   - does not integrate well with moodle
   - not NAT-friendly

 - ssshfs
   - slow
   - well supprted on linux,  Dokan (?) for Win
   - authentication issues
   - does not integrate well with moodle
   - NAT friendly

 - WebDAV
   - a bit slow
   - well integrated with Moodle (including authentication)
   - we still have to do some minor auth work as we don't use
username/pass scheme which WebDAV implementations assume
  - NAT friendly
  - patches for moodle already exist, well tested and written by... me!


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