Re: [Server-devel] more 0.5.2-dev02 ejabberd testing

2009-03-09 Thread Daniel Drake
2009/3/6 Daniel Drake
 I will continue testing by rebooting the server and booting all the
 XOs again, checking presence visibility, but right now they need a
 charge, so that will probably have to wait until monday.

OK. Booted the server again, and all XOs, and they all managed to see
each other just fine.

ejabberd memory usage:
0   35124
12  53252
24  64816
36  80036
48  93512
60  108244
72  127000

Also checked olpc-xos output and manually counted the icons at
various points, no problems.

I then launched a Record activity and shared it between all 72
laptops. It worked very well. However, after shutting a few machines
down, some remaining XOs were missing about 80% of the XO icons on the
neighborhood view, until sugar was restarted. olpc-xos output was
correct and showed all. I think there is probably a sugar bug causing
disappearance of icons after the rings of users around activities have
disbanded :(

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Re: [Server-devel] more 0.5.2-dev02 ejabberd testing

2009-03-06 Thread Martin Langhoff
On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 7:24 AM, Daniel Drake wrote:
 I ran more ejabberd/presence tests with 0.5.2-dev02, this time with 74 XOs.
 Results: all success

That's excellent news.

 It became hard to count the XOs from 48 onwards, so the counting test
 became more of an approximation.
 As you might expect from complex software, the memory usage went up
 and down a bit, for example see how ejabberd shrunk between 72 and 74
 users, or the small increase between 48 and 60

Yes, ejabberd's per-user mem usage is higher at initial connection
time. It is still using ~1MB per user, which is disappointing. Part of
that goes to the ssl libs, part to the @online@ roster.

 Some ran out of battery power during lunch, and it seemed to take a
 lot of time for them to time out from ejabberd.

Good point - I'll see whether it's posible to shorten the timeout there.

Outstanding report -- thanks!

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