Re: [Sikuli-driver] [Question #691116]: run IDE and script when restart

2020-06-11 Thread RaiMan
Question #691116 on Sikuli changed: RaiMan posted a new comment: I am not talking about the path, I am talking about the position of the -r on the command line (after the jar, before the script filename) -- You received this question

[Sikuli-driver] [Question #691260]: I am unable to run sikuli from eclipse

2020-06-11 Thread Baiju
New question #691260 on Sikuli: I have getting following error as soon as i have run sikuli code in eclipse using selenium web driver using java Starting ChromeDriver 2.44.609538 (b655c5a60b0b544917107a59d4153d4bf78e1b90) on port 40176

[Sikuli-driver] [Question #691265]: Nox Multi-instance

2020-06-11 Thread Thomas Bard Smith
New question #691265 on Sikuli: I'm wondering if Sikuli would have any issues running a script over multiple nox windows. Is it possible to set the region to a certain nox window and each nox instance to run separate instances of the