CSRe: Degenerative Disk Disease

2004-06-25 Thread ransley
Not trying to rock anyone's boat, but... I can't prove a word I'm about to say, but I know whereof I speak. DDD really is a disease. MSM will relieve some of the pains, but ultimately will fail against this disease. No amount of minerals will stop it. All such efforts will be temporary. I am not

CSRE: Degenerative Disk Disease (to Duncan Crow)

2004-06-27 Thread ransley
of the effects of degeneration can be reversed. Daddybob -Original Message- From: Duncan Crow [mailto:duncanc...@shaw.ca] Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2004 11:35 AM To: silver-list@eskimo.com Cc: ransley Subject: Re: CSRe: Degenerative Disk Disease Hi DaddyBob, I've reversed degenerative

CSStings Piezo Ignitors

2004-06-27 Thread ransley
Yesterday an employee was stung by 4 ground hornets while mowing at my business. Although he had been proclaimed allergic, he had been told that if he stayed calm he would most likely be OK. He did so and rubbed Tea Tree Oil on them- my idea that it may dissolve the venom- and he was fine. I had

RE: CSDoes oral CS help?

2004-07-02 Thread ransley
Those of us who push it do so because we've seen wonders from it. We have learned that taking it orally does little or nothing for respiratory problems. We have also learned that nebulizing does little or nothing for sinus problems; then you need a sinus sprayer. Spraying it up your nose does

RE: CSColloidal silver first time user

2004-07-08 Thread ransley
When I first started taking CS, and for many months thereafter, it would upset my stomach giving me a little queasiness. It happened with CS made with two very different generators. As I have regained my health, that has stopped. I can only assume that there was something in my stomach that didn't

RE: CSPersonal Emergency Curtailing List Participation

2004-07-16 Thread ransley
Brooks- I know you may not have time to read this but I must say it. I save nearly everything you write on this forum. Your information has dramatically decreased sickness in my home and therefore added to the quality of our family life. Thank you very much. God be with ye. Daddybob -- The

CSMy startling allergy discovery

2004-07-29 Thread ransley
I’ve reported on several forums for a couple of years now about how I’ve beaten most of my allergies with MSM, Bragg Vinegar, and local raw honey; I’ ve also reported how sleeping on a Crock Device has generally kept my sinuses clear of nearly everything else. What I haven’t reported is that

CSWhat is a Crock Device?

2004-08-03 Thread ransley
When I first posted about my satrtling allergy discovery, someone asked me that and I forgot to answer. It is a bio-electric device that seems to have many uses and is easy to build. Our own Mike D. supposedly has built one but hasn't said if he's felt anything from it, but I think he did it wrong

RE: CSpeirced ears

2004-09-18 Thread ransley
Although we consume mass quantities of CS around here, the first thing I go for on any skin ailment is Tea Tree Oil. DB -Original Message- From: elle roberts [mailto:elle_robe...@hotmail.com] Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 1:29 AM To: silver-list@eskimo.com Subject: CSpeirced ears

CSSol's cold

2004-09-28 Thread ransley
Sol wrote: Well, drat, my 2 year cold-free streak is over. Sol- I have not been able to yet go for two years without one but have come pretty close, doing all the things you suggest, plus utilizing what some know as Four Thieves Vinegar, also known as Dr. Shulze's Super Tonic (I make it with

CSA simpler way to build a Crock Device

2004-10-04 Thread ransley
The Crock Device is a fairly simple to build device that can be an adjunct to a lot of our health pursuits. I do not claim to have experienced any major healings from it, but some do. I myself have mostly benefitted from sleeping on it and waking with much less soreness from a previous day’s

RE: CSQuestion about coconuts...

2004-10-06 Thread ransley
Herx- are you suggesting that coconuts are migratory? -Original Message- From: herx [mailto:her...@yahoo.com] Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 10:29 AM To: eScribe Silver List Subject: Re: CSQuestion about coconuts... Mike, try using two African Swallows to carry the coconut to you.

RE: CSQuestion about coconuts...

2004-10-06 Thread ransley
Mike- If you bought a common brown coconut, it was out of season and probably old. If the meat was mushy and the milk sour, that's it. They will be fresh in another month or so, coming from the southern hemisphere. When they are fresh, the stores will start setting them out on display. When

RE: CSQuestion about coconuts...

2004-10-07 Thread ransley
Clop-clop, clop-clop, clop-clop, clop-clop... Herx wrote: I knew SOMEONE on this list must have seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail! -Original Message- From: ransley Herx- are you suggesting that coconuts are migratory? -Original Message- From: herx Mike, try using two

CSSinus Infection

2004-10-08 Thread ransley
Well I have another one of my many Sinus Infections... Two things that are so often ignored, forgotten, unknown about recurring sinus infections. 1. Your teeth. Are any of them painful but have never been root-canaled? Necrotic dental tissue will harbor the bacteria that lies in wait for your

RE: CScolds

2004-10-10 Thread ransley
Sol wrote: Echinacea doesn't work for me either... Be careful with Echinacea; it is a cousin of ragweed! About 1/3 of the population is allergic to it. I am terrifically reactive to both. The worst cold and sinus infection I had after I got into alternatives was when I took Echinacea for a

RE: CScolds

2004-10-11 Thread ransley
sol wrote: Wasn't it you who mentioned corn allergy? If so, I'd very much like to know how you became really certain you were allergic to it. Did you have tests or do an elimination diet, or what? Yep that was me. It started by realizing that despite my claims of having gotten rid of all my

RE: CSSolar Minimum is Coming

2004-10-19 Thread ransley
Garnet- I've lived and worked outside all my life, all in NC, SC GA. Nobody needs to twist my arm about it- the weather is not only changing, it has changed. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, not given to thinking anything along those lines, so I don't attribute it to human activity. I myself have

CSDMSO blindness

2004-10-22 Thread ransley
When DMSO first became popular years ago...as a local treatment for arthritis...they did some preliminary studies...and one person went blind. It can happen. DMSO MSM both can cause rapid intense detoxification. My initial detox from taking MSM 5 years ago was a really wild ride, 3 months

CSTo Rene, endometriosis, etc.

2004-11-06 Thread ransley
Rene- Glad to see you made it to the Silverlist. Only a few comments for now from me: You have entered the Twilight Zone where you begin to realize that not everything the Doctors told you was true and you start finding out not only do they not know everything, they don't even recognize that


2004-11-08 Thread ransley
Sounds like a real good reason to learn everything there is to know about Beck Blood Electrification to me! (In addition to drinking lots of CS.) DB -Original Message- From: William Amos [mailto:wa...@mailstation.com] Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2004 4:09 PM To: silver-list@eskimo.com

CSRE: Milk

2004-11-13 Thread ransley
Like most other things we eat, take or do, I consider this a personal choice with no absolute answers. I disagree with the no-milk people, but also disagree vehemently that raw milk is inherently bad. My wife grew up on raw milk and has always been more disease resistant than me, although that

RE: CSswelling legs, new topic for a beginner

2004-11-21 Thread ransley
I have no idea if this will be of any help to you because so many things like this have so many different causes and cures. My wife tends to get edema in her legs from long periods of activity, walking, standing. Seems to be rather counter-intuitive that she would get it from activity instead of

RE: CS left eyelid occasionally flutters

2004-11-24 Thread ransley
Many causes, many of which I'm sure I know nothing about, but four, I do: Sinus infections, tooth infections, calcium and/or magnesium deficiency, and just plain exhaustion. Daddybob -Original Message- From: Adie [mailto:reflexolog...@yahoo.com] Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 11:05 AM

RE: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freight airbrush nebulizer

2004-11-29 Thread ransley
I own and use several air compressors in my business. I would never even think about paying money for a Campbell-Hausfeld. They are mostly good for making noise and making your electricity meter spin fast. The selection of oilless compressors from Lowe's or Home Depot are superior to anything at

RE: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freight airbrush nebulizer

2004-11-30 Thread ransley
. You can lose body parts when junk breaks. DB - Original Message - From: ransley rans...@atmc.net To: The Silverlist silver-list@eskimo.com; fg227 fig...@comcast.net Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 1:40 PM Subject: RE: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freight airbrush

RE: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freight airbrush nebulizer

2004-11-30 Thread ransley
Are those 12 volt compressors oilless? I may use one as a stop gap measure since they are cheap. $10. As far as I know they are, never seen one with any oil to it. When a compressor is called oiless does that mean for sure no oil contamination in the compressed air? Yes; an oilless

RE: CSAir compressors- filters dryers

2004-12-01 Thread ransley
Somewhere on some forum long ago, someone knowledgable in medical air supplies and human lungs told me that it would be better to use an oilless compressor with no filter at all rather than to use a filter which might put particulate matter from the back side of the filter into one's lungs. I took

RE: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freight airbrush nebulizer

2004-12-01 Thread ransley
I shall call tomorrow about the DOT regulations. Many thanks for alerting me into them. Though don't you think they are for explosive gasses, not oxygen? No, it's about valve neck breakage which will allow the bottle to literally turn into a rocket. The smaller the tank, the less the damage if

RE: CSAir compressors- Silly?

2004-12-02 Thread ransley
And exactly who is being silly? If you just go and have a oxygen tank filled, do you have any idea how much expense is involved and how much care must be taken to insure you don't have a high pressure regulator to fail and have a high pressure line lashing your face? Do you realize that you have

RE: CSAir Compressor

2004-12-02 Thread ransley
MessageYou are right and I agree, but there are always those who will try something different. I had to do this before all these cheap nebulizers were available, and I just try to pass on what I've learned in the hope it will keep someone from making a mistake that may end up in the news. DB

RE: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freight airbrush nebulizer

2004-12-02 Thread ransley
...@comcast.net] Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 3:36 AM To: ransley; The Silverlist Subject: Re: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freight airbrush nebulizer I called up the local TriGas dealer and he said transporting 80cf oxygen tanks in automobiles is OK. Is legal. He was seeming

RE: CSAir compressors- Silly?

2004-12-02 Thread ransley
Yogiboy wrote: Has anyone thought about exercise..? that will definitely increase O2 levels in your blood and detox your system as well through sweat. Not knocking exercise, and your statements are correct, but we're talking about bronchial conditions to be treated by nebulizing CS. Try

RE: CSAir compressors- Silly?

2004-12-02 Thread ransley
Marshall wrote: I am rather cluless as to what you are saying here. You can say that again. Please get your facts straight and don't add to the confusion that is beginning to proliferate from people mis-reading or half-reading these posts and this thread. Lets see, I think it was about $10

RE: CSAir compressors- safe ones for use with Harbor Freightairbrushnebulizer

2004-12-02 Thread ransley
Dan (different Dan)- I'm not trying to be as ill as I just now was with Marshall. You haven't done anything to deserve that. But- no they're not the same thing, I never said they were, and I was only using the example of propane to expose the dangers of transporting large pressurized bottles of

RE: CSThe origin of back pain

2005-01-04 Thread ransley
Nathan- I have been diagnosed by a Neurosurgeon using MRI Myelogram to have 3 ruptured disks (L4-5, C3-4, C4-5) near critical cervical stenosis, lumbar stenosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Degenerative Disk Disease; plus, below the L5 vertebra, the Doc said that Everything below there is pretty

RE: CSThe origin of back pain -- kelp a help

2005-01-04 Thread ransley
Judy Wrote: I agree wholeheartedly with your estimation of water (1/2 your weight divided by 8 equals the number of glasses to drink per day, I've been told) Can you direct us to a reasonably-priced kelp seller? My quick research finds prices all over the place. I use GRANULATED (not


2005-01-04 Thread ransley
Mborgert wrote: I do reflexology, I have noticed people of all ages with back and neck pain. To me a majority of the pain is coming from the feet, arches that is, If one follows both arches up the body you will see this could be the problem. I have sent people to the docs and have sent them to

RE: CS orthotics

2005-01-04 Thread ransley
Trem wrote: Hi DB, I suffered all my life trying to find shoes that I could wear comfortably. I also bought every type arch support available. About ten years ago I was talking with a person that had the same problem and she said the cure for her was orthotics. I went to a podiatrist and he

CSCS Xylitol in eyes

2005-01-11 Thread ransley
As of this morning I can state that it is perfectly fine to use CS Xylitol as eyedrops- in MY eyes at least! I learned about using CS Xylitol as a nasal irrigation about a year ago, when my first use of it resulted in a dramatic draining and ending of a sinus infection in fifteen minutes. So

RE: CSRE: CS orthotics

2005-01-11 Thread ransley
He found a podiatrist who sent him to Toys-R-Us to buy 200 marbles. He sits down and dumps the marbles out on the floor and picks them up one at a time with his toes and drops them into a container also on the ground. This simple exercise done daily has completely eliminated his debilitating


2005-03-03 Thread ransley
Teri wrote: There are no testimonials on the site for me to read. And you can bet there won't be. Anyone who posts testimonials about anything medically alternative will suffer the fate of the fellow who sold Cansema: Jail, or at least being totally hounded out of business and even home. We're


2005-03-03 Thread ransley
I should have clarified that: Anyone who SELLS alternative substances/therapies and posts testimonials about their medical use I'm just so glad I got on to the internet in time to see what has happened with my own eyes. only 5 years ago, there was S much more information. DB Teri

CSA few refinements

2005-03-24 Thread ransley
Just a few things I've been doing lately that have improved my CS brewing... I'm still using my thermal stir Silverpuppy. I want a new magnetic stirring base, but then I want everything I see. I've been getting good CS from Walmart distilled water. I now only make it in one pint mason jars. In

CSRE: cataracts

2005-04-11 Thread ransley
Cataracts are also linked to dairy products. The galactose that is a breakdown product of lactose also appears to damage the lens of the eye, leading to cataracts. Learn to make and drink kefir. The kefir culture eats the lactose in milk in 24 hours or less when properly made, yielding many

RE: CSAlchoholism treatments?

2005-04-15 Thread ransley
Linda wrote: ...but it turns out we have a family member who is now afflicted. I'd like to find that info on the medical device... It probably was one of the devices like the Brain Tuner. Not that I'm any expert about that, but I've seen enough rapid, simple, and wondrous healing in this house,

CScoconut oil

2005-06-03 Thread ransley
I've used: Expeller pressed c-nut oil by both Wilderness Family Naturals and Tropical Traditions. Good clean oils but not really to my liking, and I can't tell a difference between them. Naturally fermented Phillipine style from both WFN TT. I like both. Coconut Oil Supreme from Coconut Oil

RE: CScoconut oil

2005-06-06 Thread ransley
Christine Mc. wrote: I use the Supreme Coconut Oil from http://coconutoil-online.com - dailyJust-layed eggs fried in coconut oil is to die for, IMHO. Oh yeah, their dessicated coconut is also very good... STOP IT, YOU'RE MAKING ME HUNGRY! Yes their dessicated coconut is very good without

RE: CScoconut oil Palm Oil

2005-06-08 Thread ransley
Cindy wrote: Has anyone tried the Natural Palm Oil to know what it tastes like? I have Red Palm Oil from Tropical Traditions. The taste is neutral and imparts practically no taste of it's own to food, and it seems to actually make any food taste more like itself. But it makes everything


2010-07-09 Thread ransley
I'm still here. OK, yes, I have done oodles and bookoos of alternative alternative things for 11 years this summer to get rid of the infections that were plaguing me. The last one was a fungal infection that I caught in the summer of 2003, a really mean, slow growing and tenacious thing. I suspect

RE: CSTurpentine

2010-07-13 Thread ransley
I'm playing catch-up after getting back home and canning corn, okra and tomatoes Anyone who wishes to learn more about my experience with turpentine should join my group: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Crock_Lakhovsky/ Not trying to gain members or followers, just don't have as much time

RE: CSTurpentine

2010-07-13 Thread ransley
One more thing- If you are like me, a learning addict, then you better jump all over any info about turpentine from using it to making it as fast as you can. There is no turpentine made commercially in the US anymore, hasn't been since 2001. With the decline of the dollar and various other

CSTurpentine- suggested protocol

2010-09-08 Thread ransley
I'm trying to make this as definitive, concise and up to date as my experience will allow. This is blunt. The whole protocol is blunt. I mean this protocol kills disease like killin' snakes as we say here. This is for people who really want to get well and are not in love with their diseases and

CSLoblolly Turpentine

2010-09-08 Thread ransley
We've hit the Mother Lode of turpentine info! I just got off the phone with the seller of the really high quality turpentine that I just got and took this morning. He is, to say the least, enthusiastic about his product. He figured something was up when he saw orders start coming in and he

RE: CSTurpentine- suggested protocol (UNCLASSIFIED)

2010-09-08 Thread ransley
Would this work for toe nail problems. Probably, but you may have to do it internally and externally. You can mix turp and sugar and apply it externally but you don't dare bandage it or it will leach the turp out of the sugar and it will burn skin that way. Yeah, I did it. External protocol is

RE: CSSkin Tags

2007-02-05 Thread ransley
I should have added tongue in cheek when I said I'm almost afraid of it. I would use it if I had to. DB -Original Message- From: Rowena [mailto:new...@aapt.net.au] Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 9:17 AM To: silver-list@eskimo.com Subject: Re: CSSkin Tags I tried Cansema salve on DH

RE: CSMSM heart

2007-02-08 Thread ransley
About 5 years ago I had a problem with my heart skipping beats occasionally. .. A friend got me some MSM ... One dose and the next day and after that the heartbeat was normal. I continued on it for about a year and stopped taking it. ... Recently the skipping returned and I started on the MSM

RE: CSMSM heart

2007-02-08 Thread ransley
Yes, cayenne does contain potassium, but every once in a while I can tell I need just a little bit more potassium than I'm getting from the cayenne. And I must admit, taking cayenne can be a chore. Usually the only sign I get that I need a little more potassium will be at night when I lay down. I

RE: CSMSM heart/was now Cayenne

2007-02-11 Thread ransley
to taking CMO which is beef source. DaddyBob -Original Message- From: Jodi W Menard [mailto:jwmen...@cox.net] Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2007 6:51 PM To: silver-list@eskimo.com Subject: RE: CSMSM heart/was now Cayenne ransley rans...@atmc.net wrote: I am presently up to a heaping half

RE: CSMSM heart/was now Cayenne

2007-02-12 Thread ransley
Nathalie- You can take cayenne straight from a spice bottle/jar/can but that is the most expensive way to do it. You can buy bulk powder here: www.jcrows.com www.herbalcom.com And many other places. DaddyBob -Original Message- From: Mystykalsky [mailto:jack...@nbnet.nb.ca] Sent:

CSRE: SOmedical question

2007-02-15 Thread ransley
It's just an old thing that was started by Dr. Kellogg about a century ago, it was never true, and it just won't die. DB Someone (Linda maybe?) remarked several months ago that, during a procedure where she was awake and able to observe, none of the gunk on the intestinal walls could be seen -

RE: CSFibers, now body bugs

2007-02-16 Thread ransley
Assuming this is real, stopping it is simple: salt internally, diatomaceous earth externally. Interesting that they called scabies a misdiagnosis. Just what do they think scabies is/are? It's bugs, although a specific type. DB -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free

RE: CSFibers, now body bugs

2007-02-18 Thread ransley
I do not understand the salt internally. How much? Why not DE internally? It is used internally on dogs all the time. Salt should be non-heat-treated full mineral salt, such as Realsalt brand, or any naturally hand-harvested sea salt (not Hain), or any of the many Himalayan salts. It should

RE: CSFibers, now body bugs

2007-02-19 Thread ransley
How much salt are you talking about? You start out at 4 grams each of salt and vitamin c, taken in four separate doses. You gradually move up to a maximum of a gram of salt and a gram of c per 12 pounds body weight per day. The time you between those two can be weeks or months depending on your

RE: CSFibers, now body bugs

2007-02-19 Thread ransley
Mary- This is very good and I too am now using salt for de-calcification myself. The only thing I need to say is that anyone using any salt or brine therapy needs to do one or more of three things to keep track of exactly how much salt one is taking: Use an actual 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon

RE: CSFibers, now body bugs

2007-02-19 Thread ransley
Like I said, google Lyme Strategies. Go to Marc Fett's site and buy his book. Most of the people using this are Lymies. My daughter was one, we nixed it mostly this way. I don't have lyme but I did the protocol anyway. It was a Godsend for me. You don't have to have lyme for it to help you. DB


2007-02-22 Thread ransley
OK, several people asked me to clarify things on and off list. First, I said what I said about possibly avoiding CS ingestion in combination with Salt/C because of the recent furor here regarding argyria. I have become aware that as Jason has said, not everyone is at the same risk for it, so I

RE: CSRe: Vitamin C and Salt Protocol warning

2007-02-22 Thread ransley
Duncan is absolutely right and I have firsthand experience with this. Potassium Orotate worked best for me. Daddybob -Original Message- From: Duncan Crow [mailto:duncanc...@shaw.ca] Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 2:10 PM To: Paula Perry; silver-list@eskimo.com Subject: Re: CSRe:


2007-02-22 Thread ransley
This is a repost because somehow the subject line got dropped when I sent it... OK, several people asked me to clarify things on and off list. First, I said what I said about possibly avoiding CS ingestion in combination with Salt/C because of the recent furor here regarding argyria. I have

CSsubject line getting dropped

2007-02-22 Thread ransley
Mike- Why does the subject line get dropped on these two forums sometimes? I see it happening to other people's posts too; it just did it twice to me. -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.5.441 / Virus Database: 268.18.3/697 - Release Date:

RE: CSfaecal worm cure?

2007-03-30 Thread ransley
SALT! -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.5.446 / Virus Database: 268.18.22/739 - Release Date: 3/29/2007 1:36 PM -- The Silver List is a moderated forum for discussing Colloidal Silver. Instructions for unsubscribing are posted at:

RE: CSDiatomaceous Earth

2007-04-29 Thread ransley
Plain, unadulterated DE is brownish-beige. Pool grade is usually white, that's all I've ever seen. Here in the US, any DE that is used on veg's is Food Grade because it won't hurt you at all to eat it, but it will to breathe it. It is not poison but it will slice your lung tissue. People will

RE: CSDairy cows

2007-04-29 Thread ransley
A new idea in dairy farming has begun in South Carolina: www.happycowcreamery.com. Pay attention to the Twelve Aprils theory of forage management. Holstein milk is not known for being superior to Jersey milk, Holsteins are known to produce more milk than Jerseys, but their Holstein milk will

CSUltrasonic Nebulizer question

2007-05-09 Thread ransley
Day Sutton wrote: I read a post that said the ultrosonic nebulizer caused agglomoration and the silver would fall out of suspensionany comments? Since I don't own one, but I do own two small personal ultrasonic hmidifiers, that we've talked about here in the past and used as

RE: CSUltrasonic Nebulizer question

2007-05-10 Thread ransley
John wrote: The ultrasonic gets the product deeper into the lung where the problems are. Not trying to be argumentative, but why do you say that? At first glance it would seem that mist is mist, but actually I already know that's not always so after my experiments with an airbrush. So is an

RE: CSUltrasonic Nebulizer question

2007-05-10 Thread ransley
I believe that Brooks Bradley indicated that the airbrush nebulizer was superior since it could make smaller particles. I ordered my airbrush from Harbor Freight, as I believe Brooks did, and if I recall correctly, the stock # he gave was no longer available (or at least not in the catalog I

RE: CSCS: Nebulizer mist

2007-05-11 Thread ransley
Harold wrote: My Solaray Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifierputs out such a fine mist it does not settle out,but just dissipates into the air.I find it gets right down deep with a fairly deep breath. It is not a small unit but is 15 long x 9 tall,x 6 wide. Can you supply a link to that? Is it still

RE: CSUltrasonic Nebulizer question

2007-05-11 Thread ransley
Marshall wrote: the airbrush seems to fall at 5 inches or so a second, and the ultrasonic appears to almost not fall at all. That's pretty much the difference I see with my two devices. The airbrush fog will drop and wet something, but the atomizer fog will float and dissipate. DB No virus

CSAlopecia areata- what can anyone tell me about it?

2007-05-22 Thread ransley
My wife has suddenly developed this in two spots on the back of her head. This is spot baldness not general thinning or overall baldness. The areas in question do not appear to be inflamed. We noticed the first one about two weeks ago, and the second just yesterday. The odd thing is that both

RE: CSSore throat

2007-05-23 Thread ransley
Whenever I take CS, I always get a really dry sore throat straight after. Is this normal? CS can cause some folk to taste or feel funny things in the mouth, throat, etc. But- a dry sore throat after drinking water (which is mostly what CS is) is my indication that I have suppressed my thirst

RE: CSRaw Honey???? have a heart!

2007-05-24 Thread ransley
Faith , I see your point, but what else are we to call it in light of the chicanery in the honey world? I know for a stone cold fact that there is raw honey sold at our local HFS that the beekeeper is well known to give his bees sugar water. I also know he heats his honey to 90F to process it.

CSWaterPik on the cheap- stop gum infections

2007-06-05 Thread ransley
It has taken me way too long to figure this out, and it is s easy. Someone out there will benefit from this, so I'm posting it to several groups. I have two places on my upper gums, one on each side, where crowns trap food that cannot be removed by flossing or brushing. That trapped food

RE: CSBoron - Arthritis Article excerpt

2007-06-14 Thread ransley
ARTHRITIS IS A MINERAL DEFICIENCY - BORON IN PARTICULAR. For me this has absolutely been proven true to at least my own satisfaction, and it is S EASY to rectify that I just want to scream it out to the world. All you need is a box of borax. Now stay tuned- I'm experimenting with Nascent

RE: CS20 mule team BORAX

2007-06-18 Thread ransley
Slow down the horses there.! Do you realise 1/4 tsp is 1000mg.? Hmmm Me thinks quite a large dose..?? .. Yes, I realize that 1/4 is equal to 1000mg. ... How would you measure the 30mg that everyone has mentioned? .. 30

RE: CS20 mule team BORAX

2007-06-18 Thread ransley
OK, now I am confused. I had been taking the amount that sticks to a wet finger up to the first knuckle, and just measured it, and it measured about 1/4 teaspoon. So is this the right amount, or about 30 times too high? That's about right. Anymore will start to give you a herx if you have

RE: CSG O U T --- can't locate treatment on old messages - Please Send

2007-06-29 Thread ransley
#1. ANYTHING cherry; cherries, cherry juice, even cherry ice cream, tart red cherry is best, black cherry works too; #2. SOMETIMES rare beef steak- I mean RARE- will alleviate gout; it must not be marinated or covered in any kind of sauce; 3. Colostrum will help cure gout, but it's not an

RE: CSChoices, Alternative or Mainstream ?

2007-07-05 Thread ransley
Wayne wrote: It is hard to tell people that after a lifetime of poor health and bad habits, it is near impossible to turn things around. HEAR, HEAR! As I watch my own parents and in-laws wind down most ungraciously, embracing all of the mainstream idiocy, and usually rejecting anything I try to

RE: CSBetter Treatment for dry and cracked feet..or parasites?

2007-07-12 Thread ransley
But where does one get parasites from? Any salad bar. Any produce section of any market. Any plant that was grown in dirt. Any animal product that has not been well cooked. Any natural water source. Any contact with this planet. Daddybob No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by

RE: CSfoot problems

2007-07-15 Thread ransley
My oldest daughter paid money and endured pain to go the standard establishment route for a planter wart. Her troubles didn't end until she drank CS until the wart was gone. DB -Original Message- From: dd611 [mailto:dgulenc...@mts.net] Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 1:39 AM To:

RE: CSVertigo

2007-07-22 Thread ransley
Has anyone used CS in ears for Vertigo? I was once trapped 35' off the ground on a very steep roof with vertigo so bad I was literally afraid of falling to my death. It took extreme determination not to freak out, and two men to guide me to the ladder, which I then climbed down with my eyes

RE: CSVertigo

2007-07-23 Thread ransley
Ask an ear, nose and throat doctor. Yeah, years of that is what damaged my hearing and nearly ruined my life. You go right ahead. Daddybob No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.5.476 / Virus Database: 269.10.14/912 - Release Date: 7/22/2007 7:02

RE: CSVertigo

2007-07-23 Thread ransley
... vertigo; which is caused by an inner ear infection. This affects the coclea which controls balance. I just need something to penetrate the eardrum and get to the inner ear.suggestions?? You are making the common modern medical mistake. You are trying to isolate the problem and a

RE: CSDrinking H2 O2

2007-07-27 Thread ransley
Wayne wrote: One had best do his homework before drinking H2 O2. I used 34 % food grade. It is very dangerous stuff. It is almost rocket fuel and will damage skin and other materials. Every time this comes up I must pipe up. I totally second Wayne's motion. 35% H2O2 is really dangerous

RE: CSH2 O2 Dangers, Other Dangers, Risks

2007-07-28 Thread ransley
I... have worked on 480 /3 phase many times. Again, Proper handling is the key as to why I am still alive. Who knows why I'm alive; 480/3 knocked me 15 feet away one time. As smart as DaddyBob is, I am surprised he got burned by H2 O2. grin Well, a total face shield would've stopped it.

RE: CSLyme Disease

2007-08-02 Thread ransley
CS will help Lyme, and so will the rest of the Beck protocol. But it won't cure it because it will not get the parasites. For that you need salt. Look into the salt/C protocol, but be aware that one must be careful about potassium imbalance when using that. We did use CS along with the salt/c

RE: CSTo daddy bob and larry

2007-08-04 Thread ransley
Zeb wrote: Bob, I use magnesium glycinate and was wondering if you think the chloride form is superior and why? I am referring here to the use of mag for lyme and just for regular use. The citrate forms of minerals seem to make me very sick. Zeb- I'm not qualified to answer that except to give

CSHow to cure an eye infection

2007-08-11 Thread ransley
First thing- I now suspect that you could stop just about any eye infection with a drop or two of Magnascent iodine into 2 ounces or so of saline solution or plain distilled water. Now here's the whole story, and some of you have heard it before, but this time I think I've really killed off this

CSWhat can I do with an over-large aloe vera plant?

2007-08-12 Thread ransley
Eat it. Fillet the skin off the leaves, but do that over newspaper because the liquid that is between the skin and the inner gel will stain everything it touches. Rinse that gooey liquid off of the clear inner gel, then eat the gel or put it in a smoothie. If you don't rinse that liquid off, you

CSZeb- here it is again

2007-08-12 Thread ransley
Zeb wrote: Bob, I use magnesium glycinate and was wondering if you think the chloride form is superior and why? I am referring here to the use of mag for lyme and just for regular use. The citrate forms of minerals seem to make me very sick. Zeb- I'm not qualified to answer that except to give

RE: CSHow to cure an eye infection

2007-08-12 Thread ransley
Why not try CS ? Smitty Because CS never fazed it. As I said, NOTHING would touch it except Goldenseal Tea made from CS, and that wouldn't cure it completely. Only after the addition of Magnascent iodine did I get complete relief. CS simply does not cure everything. As for the iodine, what I

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