Re: execline-in-execline

2018-06-07 Thread Guillaume Perréal
As a matter of example : this scripts "rewrites" its final command depending on optional arguments. Its purpose is to restore select parts of the environment variables, uid/gid and working directory, that were saved in a directory at some point in the past.

Re: Debianization

2018-04-21 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Le 21/04/2018 à 12:28, Didier Kryn a écrit :     May I humbly ask why you don't start with Devuan (which is Debian stripped out of systemd)? Of course it is less challenging than doing the job on Debian, but it would be wholehartedly applauded and tested by the Devuan community, while you

Re: tests

2018-01-11 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Le 11/01/2018 à 16:44, Laurent Bercot a écrit :  Oh, definitely, and s6 is already used in numerous Docker containers. Most people who want to do that use the s6-overlay project:  Some big companies (Badoo, for instance) rely on s6 to power their

Re: not found

2017-11-02 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Le 02/11/2017 à 07:52, Laurent Bercot a écrit :  I don't have MIPS toolchains :/  If you know the exact gcc building flags needed to make one, I can easily build one. And if you know the correct set of sysdeps to cross-build skalibs on MIPS (ramips or other), I'll add support to lh-bootstrap. not found

2017-11-01 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Hello Laurent, I came across this As I am interested, I have looked for a x86_64-to-ramips toolchain, but gives me a 404. The same goes for the native toolchains. Regards, -- Guillaume Perréal.

Re: .env file handling

2017-10-24 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Le 24/10/2017 à 08:28, Colin Booth a écrit : I would say that is one of the two difficulties. The other one being that execline also tries hard not to carry any overhead, which means that often times you can end up in situations where the aggressive scoping that it does makes things challenging

Re: execline misc

2017-04-17 Thread Guillaume Perréal
They could go in a page titled "how to use execline as a startup shell" but honestly I do not think many sysadmins which would use them, given few desktop/server distros ship execline in the first place. - Mail original - > De: "Laurent Bercot" > À:

Re: Man pages

2017-03-31 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Pandoc ( might be useful. The out-of-the-box template is ugly, but nonetheless usable. Regards, Guillaume. Le 26/03/2017 à 08:18, Colin Booth a écrit : On Mar 25, 2017 10:01 PM, "S. Gilles" wrote: This is a rather silly question, but the other day I

Configuration and scripts location

2017-02-22 Thread Guillaume Perréal
r/share}/the-service-that-uses-them. Moreover, considering that the service scripts are moved around, use of absolute paths is required. What are you doing, and why ? Regards, -- Guillaume Perréal.

Re: execline and $0-based stuff

2017-02-22 Thread Guillaume Perréal
I also discovered that the "expr" command from busybox have some regexp support, e.g : expr 'match' '/some/path/getty-tty1/run' '.*/getty-\([^/]*\)/run' Exits with 0 and prints "tty1". While this doesn't print anything and exits with 1 : expr 'match' '/some/path/not-a-tty/run'

s6-linux-init: /etc/rc.tini not executed

2017-02-02 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Hello, I finally have a working initramfs and know the system is happily booting. I am slowly adding one-shots and services to build a functional server However, it seems there is an issue with poweroff : If I manually launch /run/s6/services/.s6-svcan/SIGUSR1, everything is fine.

s6-linux-init, alpine linux, and initramfs

2017-01-30 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Hello there, Me again. After tweaking my Xsession for a stater, I am trying to build a VM with s6-linux-init. I am starting from Alpine Linux, because I am not into recompiling Linux and all tools from scratch (well, not yet) and this distro already provides binaries for all skarnet tools.

Re: s6-rc:

2017-01-27 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Thank you. I used a simplfied version, since I have no logging concerns: # Precreate the control FIFO s6-mkfifo -m 0600 $S6_SCANDIR/.s6-svcan/control background { if { # Block until s6-svscan starts reading its control FIFO redir -w 8


2017-01-27 Thread Guillaume Perréal
Hello, Trying to use s6-rc, I have run into something that looks like a race condition between s6-rc-init and s6-svscan. The context: as a concrete project to test s6-rc, I am using it to manage my X session, mainly for setup and supervising background tasks. So I want s6-svscan to be the

s6-rc compilation issue

2017-01-24 Thread Guillaume Perréal
ure script, I am not sure how to fix it. How should it be fixed ? Best regards, Guillaume Perréal.