[Smartmontools-database] Seagate Nytro XF1230

2017-05-03 Thread Marco Gruß
Hi, attached is the smartctl -x output for the Seagate Nytro XF1230 enterprise SATA SSD (240GB model). The supported SMART attributes can be found in the manual at

[Smartmontools-database] Fixed regex for all Mushkin Chronos (SF-2281) SSDs

2015-08-20 Thread Marco Gruß
Hi, noticed smartctl did not recognize my Chronos Deluxe, so I fiddled around with the regex a bit to include all Chronos SSDs currently listed on the Mushkin website. http://poweredbymushkin.com/index.php/products/solid-state-drives.html MKNSSDCR480GB-DX7 Chronos Deluxe MKNSSDCR120GB-DX7

[Smartmontools-database] SK hynix SC300 SSD, 256GB

2015-08-17 Thread Marco Gruß
Pretty new SSD by SK hynix, using their in-house (ex Link_A_Media Devices) controller. Great how it starts logging errors immediately... (Note: I hotplugged the disk into an old-ish Intel 1U rack server). Regards Marco smartctl 6.4 2014-10-07 r4002 [x86_64-linux-3.16.0-1-grml-amd64] (local