Re: [snap] How to handle TerminateSessionException sendfile?

2017-06-08 Thread Gregory Collins
e = fileType myMimeTypes (takeFileName fp) > isVideo = B8.take (length ("video" :: String)) mimeType == "video" > > > > Any pointers would be appreicated. > Best wishes, > Henry Laxen > > -- > > --- > You received this message because you are

Re: [snap] Long polling in snap

2017-12-18 Thread Gregory Collins
Here's a working example on 0.9 using stm channels from the workshop I gave at ICFP 2011: When doing long polling, all of the work happens in the output handler; for 1.0 this is the same but we use io-streams now instead of an Enumerator. You need to get

Re: [snap] Redirect to https

2018-05-22 Thread Gregory Collins
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