Re: Re[2]: [sniffer] auto update tmp files

2005-09-23 Thread Bonno Bloksma
Hi, I had trouble for a while with the del %1 functionality, but I had a problem with the script running in the wrong directory. I [] Yeah, my script does explicitly enter the sniffer directory, and the line to delete the file is explicit as well: Del s:\imail\spool\%1 ...but that

[sniffer] Bad Rules Advisory

2005-09-23 Thread Pete McNeil
Hello Sniffer Folks, Around 2100 yesterday we coded a handful of bad rules. I discovered these early this morning during a review and have removed them. However, there is no doubt that the rules will have caused some false positives through the night. I have taken steps to get these

RE: Re[2]: [sniffer] auto update tmp files

2005-09-23 Thread Dan Horne
Bonno Bloksma wrote on Friday, September 23, 2005 2:44 AM: C:\IMail\spool\tmp6C40.tmp As you can see the %1 is a complete path. So just Del %1 should do the trick. Wow, thanks. I never thought of actually checking to see what the value of %1 was. I just assumed (I know...) that it was