[sniffer] Re: Slow processing times, errors

2013-06-28 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
Matt: I mentioned in a previous post that we had experienced something similar at about that time and resolved it a day or so later by re-installing sniffer when service restarts, reboots and some basic troubleshooting did not give us the results we needed. At this point that still seems to have

[sniffer] Re: Slow processing times, errors

2013-06-28 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
I should add that Sniffer has been pretty much trouble free for us. We have been using it since before the ARM research days (10+ years as a guess). One of the specialized clients we host for goes through a cycle every few years where they are very publically visible and there are a number of

[sniffer] Re: Convert your Declude OEM license now and get full credit!

2013-04-11 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
David Gregg's mxGuard product has been rock solid for us for years but a full integration into SmarterMail would be nice. -Original Message- From: Message Sniffer Community [mailto:sniffer@sortmonster.com] On Behalf Of John Moore Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 5:32 AM To: Message Sniffer

[sniffer] Re: Direct SmarterMail integration -- Some Testers ?

2010-06-09 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
I'd be willing to take a shot at it in the dead of the night (when spam ratio is high) and if we get through that in production during the day. Is there any failsafe in place to remove it from the loop if it detects it is not performing as expected? -Original Message- From: Message

[sniffer] Re: New proactive false positive preventioninitiatives

2010-02-04 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
Steve: MxGuard is availabe for SmarterMail now. Eric --Original Message-- From: Pete McNeil Sender: Message Sniffer Community To: Message Sniffer Community ReplyTo: Message Sniffer Community Subject: [sniffer] Re: New proactive false positive preventioninitiatives Sent: Feb 4, 2010 14:25

[sniffer] Re: Upgraded Rulebase Delivery System - All OK here

2008-07-12 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
Pete: We have a regional based trap running post-Sniffer. When Sniffer hiccups (or we've done something to cause it to hiccup) there are thousands of mails in it over the space of a few hours, almost all spam. There is no increase there overnight so our rulebases are definitely still

[sniffer] Re: After Updating MXGUARD

2007-06-28 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
Albert: I remember there was some small trick to this when I did it a year or so ago. If I remember right there was a change to the MxGuard INI file that wasn't obvious. I'll take a look in a bit and see if I can get back to you with something. Eric - Original Message - From:

[sniffer] Re: After Updating MXGUARD

2007-06-28 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
Alberto: I haven't finished looking but one note I did make was that the syntax in MxGuard.INI had changed slightly to include a comma. [GLOBAL] Our working file under v1.7: SpamFilterType=NATIVE SNIFFER Our working file under v3.1: SpamFilterType=NATIVE, SNIFFER I will continue to look at

[sniffer] Re: Integration with Mailenable - Domain Keys

2007-03-17 Thread E. H. (Eric) Fletcher
Phil / Jay: I am also looking at SmarterMail as an addition to or replacement for several IMail servers and looking at calling MessageSniffer from it without Declude because of the Declude bundling of things we don't want or see value in. While doing a little more reading on the SmarterTools