[sniffer] Re: Direct SmarterMail integration -- Some Testers ?

2010-06-09 Thread Mxuptime.com
Folks, Having integrated Sniffer into MxScan for SmarterMail, I would like to shared some of my thoughts : 1. From what I can see at the moment neither Commtouch nor Declude has direct hooks into the SMTP sessions. Any integration at SMTP session level would definitely require some changes from

[sniffer] Re: Outgoing spam filtering

2010-02-21 Thread MxUptime.com
I would recommend putting in place a throttling and alert mechanism so that when the outgoing emails exceed a certain threshold the server limits the outgoing SMTP for the particular account and alerts the admin. I have never been a fan of outright filtering of outbound emails as these normally

[sniffer] Re: New proactive false positive prevention initiatives

2010-02-04 Thread MxUptime.com
Hi Steve Since this was asked, MxScan for SmarterMail is currently available for Free in beta mode. Cheers -Matt From: Message Sniffer Community [mailto:snif...@sortmonster.com] On Behalf Of Steve Guluk Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 6:10 AM To: Message Sniffer Community Subject:

[sniffer] Re: New IMPROVED getRulebase.cmd script

2009-03-11 Thread MxUptime.com
Pete Have you considered using Rsync as the delivery mechanism for the downloads instead of CURL/WGET?

[sniffer] Re: ClamAID

2009-02-05 Thread MxUptime.com
As a correction to my previous post, both of the win32 build oss.netfarm.it and hideout.ath.cx is actually a port from clamwin.com. Thanks -Original Message- From: Message Sniffer Community [mailto:snif...@sortmonster.com] On Behalf Of Andy Schmidt Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 1:14 AM

[sniffer] Re: ClamAID

2009-02-04 Thread Mxuptime.com
Hi Just to add to the following topic. We've been bundling win32 builds of ClamD together with our product since the beginning and have some experience working with the win32 versions. These are my observations and thoughts : 1. http://w32.clamav.net/ has not been updated quite awhile and is

[sniffer] Re: Sniffer Helper App?

2008-07-01 Thread Mxuptime.com
I will have to second this. I've moved off Imail to other Windows based Email servers (MailEnable and Smartermail) and no regrets in the past. If you are looking to block based on countries you can still use the Reverse DNSBLs that are country specific. However, this will only work well if you

[sniffer] Re: Backscatter Spam

2008-06-28 Thread Mxuptime.com
Intersting idea but the BATV appears to be something that you would need to run on the MTA level (i.e the MailServer would need to support the functionality) because it rewrites the return address on outgoing emails. On a side note, I have noticed a significant drop in backscatter when SPF is

[sniffer] Backscatter Spam

2008-06-27 Thread Mxuptime.com
Off lately I have noticed a large increase of backscatter. Is anyone else running into issues with these? Some of these get caught by Sniffer but a bulk of it also makes it through