[sniffer] Checking in - Uptick

2013-10-31 Thread Peer-to-Peer (Spam-Filter.com)
Anyone else seeing a dramatic uptick in spam passing thru the filters this week? We're getting pummeled. Seems to have started Monday, but getting better. Happy Spam-0-ween! --Paul

[sniffer] Milter Version

2013-10-31 Thread Daniel Bayerdorffer
Hello, Years ago we were a Message Sniffer customer. We had an email server in house (MDaemon). Loved Message Sniffer, it totally controlled our spam. Then we switched to outsourced Exchange. It was a good move at the time, but various world events have caused us to reconsider and we are now

[sniffer] Re: Milter Version

2013-10-31 Thread Pete McNeil
On 2013-10-31 15:01, Daniel Bayerdorffer wrote: Ive been reading the Install notes, but one thing that is not clear is that the Milter version is up to date. Is it current and if not will it be in the near future? We have several folks using