[SNMP4J] need an example

2008-04-09 Thread snmp girl
hello, I need seeing an example of a program wich use the snmp4j api , so can someone send it to me in order to start using it , because I search , i didn't find examples to more understand how it's worh this api thanks ___ SNMP4J mailing list

[SNMP4J] Timeouts and Retries behavior.

2008-04-09 Thread varma datla
Hello Frank, We are using SNMP4J 1.8.1 to query the SNMP agent and observed the following behavior with different timeouts/retries. Requesting about 20 OIDs and processing responses asynchronously using simple implementations of ResponseListener and TreeListener (for WALK) interfaces

Re: [SNMP4J] Timeouts and Retries behavior.

2008-04-09 Thread Frank Fock
Hello Varma, The network and agent performance is decisive for the optimal timeout/retry strategy. With a non-default timeout model you can further optimize the overall performance, for example, by resending requests with t=500ms after t/4,t/2,t instead of after t,t,t which is the default for 3