[SNMP4J] Work Out SNMP version

2010-08-26 Thread Osian Hughes
Hi, Is there any easy way to work out if a device is supporting either SNMPv1 or SNMPv2 (I'm not worried at the moment about v3), e.g. a specific OID i should ask for, etc. Thanks, Osian This email and any attachment may contain confidential information which

Re: [SNMP4J] Work Out SNMP version

2010-08-26 Thread Osian Hughes
I've figured this out, if I connect with an SNMP version that the device doesn't support, I get an exception, so this is easy to handle, Thanks. -Original Message- From: snmp4j-boun...@agentpp.org [mailto:snmp4j-boun...@agentpp.org] On Behalf Of Osian Hughes Sent: Thursday, 26.

Re: [SNMP4J] Socket closed error in Windows 7

2010-08-26 Thread varma datla
Hello Frank, After some more testing, we have decided to downgrade to snmp4j-1.9.1e as it is working fine..for now. Not sure yet if it has to do with the fastness of the latest version or with timing issues. I have also tested by sending a datagram packet for a large number of addresses without

[SNMP4J] Problem in installing SNMP4j

2010-08-26 Thread Nidhi Lohat
Hello Everyone, I'm working on developing an SNMPv3 based NMS software for a Licensed Band cellular Radio Backhaul, using SNMP4J. My major concern in this project is to do both, manager as well as the agent part. Being a beginner, I'm facing problem with the installation of the software