[SNMP4J] sql server traps

2008-05-08 Thread snmp girl
hello everyone, I should send traps when something wrong happend with my sql server 2000, or even someone change the dbs names so do you have any ideas about this? I already add the sql mib and I can get all the sql server informations with using the snmp requests, also I test the send and the

[SNMP4J] receiving a trap

2008-04-15 Thread snmp girl
Hi, I wrote a program in order to receive traps , here u find the code: # import org.snmp4j.*; import org.snmp4j.event.*; import org.snmp4j.smi.*; import org.snmp4j.transport.*; import java.io.*; import org.snmp4j.util.*; public class Receivetrap { public static void main(String[]

[SNMP4J] snmpwalk

2008-04-10 Thread snmp girl
Hi I wrote my first program using the snmp4j and it works , it is a basic program that used the snmpset aand snmpget (udp.get/udp.set) now I want to use the snmpwalk , and I don't if there is a function to use or I have to write a whole programm, because to access to the oid of the sql server mib

[SNMP4J] need an example

2008-04-09 Thread snmp girl
hello, I need seeing an example of a program wich use the snmp4j api , so can someone send it to me in order to start using it , because I search , i didn't find examples to more understand how it's worh this api thanks ___ SNMP4J mailing list