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2012-06-08 Thread varma datla
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Re: [SNMP4J] Socket closed error in Windows 7

2010-08-26 Thread varma datla
wrong. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Varma From: varma datla varmakda...@yahoo.com To: Frank Fock f...@agentpp.com Cc: snmp4j@agentpp.org snmp4j@agentpp.org Sent: Tue, August 17, 2010 2:07:47 PM Subject: Re: [SNMP4J] Socket closed error in Windows 7

Re: [SNMP4J] Socket closed error in Windows 7

2010-08-17 Thread varma datla
() ); } finally { if ( input != null ) { input.close(); } } return addresses; } } Thanks, Varma From: Frank Fock f...@agentpp.com To: varma datla varmakda...@yahoo.com Cc: snmp4j@agentpp.org snmp4j

[SNMP4J] Timeouts and Retries behavior.

2008-04-09 Thread varma datla
Hello Frank, We are using SNMP4J 1.8.1 to query the SNMP agent and observed the following behavior with different timeouts/retries. Requesting about 20 OIDs and processing responses asynchronously using simple implementations of ResponseListener and TreeListener (for WALK) interfaces