Re: [Sofia-sip-devel] about sophia-sip and gstreamer

2008-03-04 Thread mikhail.zabaluev
Hi, From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of ext souilem fadi Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 1:11 PM To: Subject: [Sofia-sip-devel] about sophia-sip and gstreamer

Re: [Sofia-sip-devel] Patch to make su_timer_set_for_ever behave like SIGALRM

2008-03-04 Thread Pekka Pessi
2008/2/28, Jarod Neuner [EMAIL PROTECTED]: This patch attempts to correct for the clock drift that results from using poll() to do timing. It still will not generate extra signals for missed timer events, but assuming that timer events are never missed, the average interval time will

[Sofia-sip-devel] sofia-sip changes (2008-03-04)

2008-03-04 Thread Sofia-SIP Darcs Changes
This posting was generated automatically from darcs repo Wed Feb 27 23:36:04 EET 2008 [EMAIL PROTECTED] * line endings M ./libsofia-sip-ua/su/inet_ntop.c -1 +1 M ./libsofia-sip-ua/su/su_open_c_localinfo.cpp -147 +147 Wed Feb 27 23:34:31 EET 2008