Re: Non-interactive logins

2008-07-15 Thread John Panzer
Anders Feder wrote: If I'm not mistaken, OAuth requires the user to approve the authentication request in her browser, which is an interactive action. This is true, but this only needs to be done when obtaining an access token, which can be used potentially forever without further

Re: Google OpenID is now live

2008-04-09 Thread John Panzer
Any sufficiently advanced web site system is indistinguishable from an OP. Or, rather, can be turned into an OP. :) Vinay Gupta wrote: I think that kind of misses the point. The *namespace* that google manages is now open for business as an OpenID provider. It's an unanticipated side-effect

Re: OpenId as API authentication method

2007-07-27 Thread John Panzer
You should probably check out OAuth:, and its draft spec Eran

Re: Identifier recycling write-up on the wiki

2007-06-20 Thread John Panzer
this issue today. All the good short identifiers are taken and people want them; some of them have been 'dead' for years; market forces are important here. 2. WIPO + domain name disputes = they may not have a choice. This is really a global version of #1. John Panzer

Re: Specifying identifier recycling

2007-05-30 Thread John Panzer
At some point, the weak link will be humans trying to disambiguate from (or I don't think there's a big difference between the two in that context, and I don't think that OID2 needs to solve this more deeply than

Re: Proposal for Recycling Identifiers in OpenID 2.0

2007-05-14 Thread John Panzer
fiers, use a 301 Permanently Moved response for the old identifier for a minimum of one year. 2. After one year, respond with 410 Permanently Gone for a minimum of one year. These are straw men, feel free to knock them down. (*) May conflict with other forces, such as SEO. -- John Panzer System

Re: [PROPOSAL] Handle http://[EMAIL PROTECTED] Style Identifiers

2006-10-20 Thread John Panzer
of [EMAIL PROTECTED] in a standard way, while being open to new practices. Once we can support both we can gain experience and start gradually migrating people over to the new world. At least that's my take. -- John Panzer System Architect