[spectre] Art-Place-Technology, Liverpool: International Symposium on Curating New Media Art, 30 March - 1 April 2006

2006-02-24 Diskussionsfäden Chris Byrne
Art-Place-Technology International Symposium on Curating New Media Art Liverpool School of Art Design and FACT Centre 30 March - 1 April 2006 Early bird registration offer ends on 17th March. Register now and save 35% on the full registration fee. Further programme details and online

Re: [spectre] please link to this site: http://waldvogel.plaintext.cc/

2006-02-24 Diskussionsfäden stephen kovats
He's also the only of the three curators who ducked a reply to us after our protests. And on top of that, Inke's text that got ripped off into Just Do It originally had been a lecture of her's at Zollverein - when Waldvogel was its curator, and listening to the talk. So beware of Mr.

[spectre] technological determinism in media art

2006-02-24 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
hi spectrists, some of you might be interested in a thesis I have written last year about: Technological Determinism in Media Art The thesis is, in short, that certain founding fathers have succeeded in establishing media art institutionally but it was a pyrrhic victory. the language and