[spectre] technological determinism in media art

2006-02-24 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
hi spectrists, some of you might be interested in a thesis I have written last year about: Technological Determinism in Media Art The thesis is, in short, that certain founding fathers have succeeded in establishing media art institutionally but it was a pyrrhic victory. the language and


2006-09-25 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
for the construction of nationalist cultural identity as export commodity. resist! Armin Medosch On 25 Sep 06, at 14:08, Oliver Grau wrote: THEAUSTRIANABSTRACTS 23TH SEP TO 15TH OCT 2006 ARTI ET AMICITIAE, ROKIN 112, 1012 LB AMSTERDAM OPENING: 22TH SEP 2006, 7 P.M. OPENING PERFORMANCE: NTSC

[spectre] new on theory formation

2007-02-01 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
some new ideas and woulod be happy to get some feedback. cheers Armin Medosch Cool Cut Mix, Version 3, Januar 2007 app. 16 000 words or 83.000 characters without free spaces [This text is a draft written for the forthcoming publication Ambient Information Systems, expected September 2007

[spectre] from media art to open source culture

2007-02-20 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
The Next Layer or: The Emergence of Open Source Culture Draft text for Pixelache publication, Armin Medosch, London/Vienna 2006 - 2007 First we had media art. In the early days of electronic and digital culture media art was an important way of considering relationships between society

Re: [spectre] from media art to open source culture

2007-02-21 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
Armin Medosch wrote: The Next Layer or: The Emergence of Open Source Culture Draft text for Pixelache publication, Armin Medosch, London/Vienna 2006 - 2007 First we had media art. In the early days of electronic and digital culture media art was an important way of considering

[spectre] not just an invitation to the hive un-launch

2007-06-09 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
hello Shu Lea recently reminded us that the purpose of mailinglists is not only to self promote. At the same time I think it is a valued service that there are all these announcements on spectre. However, i think in a supposedly open environemnt such as a list - a sort of closed openness,

[spectre] Hidden Histories, Southampton, UK

2008-03-14 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
. - The Solent Centre for Architecture + Design, in partnership with London based media art innovators Hive Networks and artist Armin Medosch, have been working with Southampton City Council's Oral History Unit on Hidden Histories, a unique project that turns the city

[spectre] A new public wireless interface: Street Radio by Hivenetworks

2008-03-27 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
sorry for x-posting a. --- A new public wireless interface: Hivenetworks successfully launch 'Street Radio' in Southampton On Friday the 14th of March 2008 ten 'street radio' nodes went live in Southampton narrowcasting Hidden Histories -- stories from Southamptons Oral History

[spectre] media art and dictatorial regimes

2008-06-25 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
The currently running exhibition in beijing, synthetic times, and the holding of isea 2008 in singapure both raise the question of the compatibility of media art with dictatorial regimes. I am not commenting on the quality of individual art works, and surely a show as big as the beijing one

Re: [spectre] media art and dictatorial regimes

2008-06-30 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
people but few write about it since there are no simple answers, so I would suggest that instead of judging those who have been there it would be good to hear about the experience people had while being there. Regards Alex Adriaansens (V2_) On 25.06.2008, at 16:11, Armin

Re: [spectre] follow-up on the china discussion: THE CHINESE DREAM ?

2008-07-08 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
was there a discussion? i think this is worth watching http://v2v.cc/v2v/digital_handcraft On Tue, 2008-07-08 at 13:17 +0200, Andreas Broeckmann wrote: [some of the '?' are wrongly translated special and chinese characters, others are what they should be; -ab] #THE CHINESE

Re: [spectre] any news on the revolutions?

2011-03-10 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
hi I think this post by Brian Holmes adds some interesting perspectives to this debate http://brianholmes.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/art-and-the-paradoxical-citizen/ best armin On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 12:50 +0100, Andreas Maria Jacobs wrote: Hi Jaromil et al Nicely said and exactly what

[spectre] Armin Medosch | Automation, Cybernation and the Art of New Tendencies (1961-1973): Art as Visual Research

2011-05-10 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
Armin Medosch | Automation, Cybernation and the Art of New Tendencies (1961-1973): Art as Visual Research Lecture, Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 7 p.m. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, A-1010 Vienna DG14/Turm 4 (top floor, then go up the staircase by room 214) Armin Medosch’s lecture

Re: [spectre] the subjective value of art – a mathematical formula?

2011-05-30 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
Hi, I actually don't have time but it reminds strongly of Birkhoff's aesthetic measure cf http://www.fi.muni.cz/reports/files/older/FIMU-RS-99-06.pdf This was picked up by Max Bense in the 1950s who tried to merge it with information theory. Similar but different Abraham Moles who elaborated a

bittorrent of protest (was Re: [NetBehaviour] [spectre] looks like Slovenia might be next)

2011-06-18 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
Simon, this is the best that has been said sofar on this subject on this list, I can only agree. While I will sign any petition I sometimes feel the new media scene is suffering a persecution complex. Those cuts, as disagreeable as they are, need to be seen in a wider context of an era where

[spectre] the return of the network commons

2014-10-31 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi, some of you have probably already noticed this via fb or rss, I am writing a new book on, working title, The Rise of the Network Commons. It returns to the topos of the wireless commons on which I worked during the early 2000s. In this new

[spectre] Art Fields: Wild Ontologies in the Service of Activating History

2014-11-21 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
by Armin Medosch. It presents works of artists from The Fields exhibition http://rixc.org/fields/ adapted for the radio art context of Kunstradio. The first part presents “We Take Nothing For Granted – On the Building of an Alert and Knowledgeable Citizenry” by Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan, Brian

[spectre] The Future of Memory – the Contemporary in a cul-de-sac

2015-02-04 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi all, In Vienna, slowly the – still relatively new - director of Kunsthalle is showing his profile. After many years under the populist autocrat Matt, Nicolas Schaffhausen brings some well needed profundity to Kunsthalle. This latest exhibition,

[spectre] Online book on Network Commons

2015-05-23 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
Hi, over the past year, I have written a draft book on the notion of the Network Commons. I have made this a kind of experiment, by publishing early and quite rough drafts. This is now the last chapter, which contains a lot of the experiences of a recent trip to the Wireless community weekend in

[spectre] Global Book Launch New Tendencies June 15th

2016-06-13 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
), Leonardo Book Series, MIT Press (Juni 2016) by Armin Medosch New Tendencies, a nonaligned modernist art movement, emerged in the early 1960s in the former Yugoslavia, a nonaligned country. It represented a new sensibility, rejecting both Abstract Expressionism and socialist realism in an attempt

[spectre] Technopolitics presents: Tracing Information Society—a Timeline

2016-06-21 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
Eckermann, Doron Goldfarb, Armin Medosch, Gerald Nestler, Felix Stalder, Axel Stockburger and Ina Zwerger. Exhibition / Presentation: 22–26 June 2016 during MAK opening times MAK FORUM MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna In the MAK FORUM

[spectre] Book Presentation: New Tendencies at Ars Electronica

2016-09-10 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
Book Presentation: New Tendencies – Art at the Threshold of the Information Revolution (1961 – 1978) Sun 11 September 2016 1:30PM-3PM FIS Stage POSTCITY, Ars Electronica, Linz Armin Medosch will present his new book on the international art movement and network New Tendencies, who were important

[spectre] 'New Tendencies' lecture at Goldsmiths, Thu Oct 6

2016-10-03 Diskussionsfäden Armin Medosch
dear all, please feel welcome to join us for this free lecture on Thursday this week at Goldsmiths in New Cross, London best Armin Lecture Theatre, Ben Pimlott Building 6 Oct 2016 5:30pm - 7:30pm Writer, artist and curator Armin Medosch introduces his new book New Tendencies Art