[sphinx-dev] customizing data member rendering

2010-01-26 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hi everybody, thanks for sphinx, first of all. I am creating documentation of yade simulation software, which has hand-written and autogenerated part (both sphinx, of course). The auto-generated part documents pure- python functions/classes and also (many) c++ classes exposed via boost::python.

[sphinx-dev] Re: customizing data member rendering

2010-02-09 Thread Václav Šmilauer
I got to some solution today, although it is a hack: 1. A function connected to autodoc-process-signature asks for __doc__ of the object it receives; __doc__ is scanned for the :ydefault:`(.? *)` role. If it is found, it's added to the signature of that attribute. 2. The :ydefault: role itself

[sphinx-dev] autodoc-process-signature not emitted for c functions

2010-02-12 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hi, I am not sure whether this is intentional or it is a bug, but (at least here, with current hg rev 1800); functions imported from boost::python modules (and probably all c functions) don't get their signatures via inspect, which generates warning: /home/vaclav/yade/ydoc/yade.wrapper.rst:80:

[sphinx-dev] Is it posible to insert hyperlinks (or other markup) in class signatures?

2010-02-12 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hello, I would like to show inheritance information in class signature. I am currently only inserting plain text (https://www.yade-dem.org/sphinx/ yade.wrapper.html#yade.wrapper.CpmMat), but the class names should be hyperlinks to those base classes. I tried (without success) returning list of

[sphinx-dev] Re: autodoc-process-signature not emitted for c functions

2010-02-23 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Agreed.  I've fixed this in changeset ee86e8563c6f -- please try it out. Great, it works now. Thanks. I am still getting warning for those functions, like /home/vaclav/yade/ydoc/yade.wrapper.rst:32: (WARNING/2) error while formatting arguments for yade.wrapper.Shape.dispHierarchy: arg is not

[sphinx-dev] Re: Inheritance diagram requires pickling (was: Is it posible to insert hyperlinks (or other markup) in class signatures?)

2010-03-04 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Inheritance diagrams don't work for me (they just don't produce anything), and this is a nice way to show it somehow (I will bug you with inheritance diagrams separately, as I try it out more; I suspect (again) boost::python vs. pure python classes.) Quite possible :( That said, if you

[sphinx-dev] bibtex with autodoc

2010-03-21 Thread Václav Šmilauer
I was trying to use http://code.google.com/p/bibstuff/ to create rest- formatted bibliography from bibtex. It is able to scan rest file for references in source ReST files, but as I use autodoc, many references are (or will be) hidden in classes' docstrings, not appearing in sources directly.

[sphinx-dev] LaTeX output not creating hyperlinks from custom directives (OK in HTML)

2010-03-28 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hi there, I have custom :yref: role that creates hyperlink to given class documentation (inserting docutils.nodes.reference node; for exact definition, see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~eudoxos/%2Bjunk/ydoc/annotate/head%3A/conf.py#L25). It renders fine in HTML, but in LaTeX, there are no

[sphinx-dev] Re: LaTeX output not creating hyperlinks from custom directives (OK in HTML)

2010-03-28 Thread Václav Šmilauer
By reading writers/latex.py, I found that the cause was referencing relative HTML url like yade.wrapper.html#yade.wrapper.Sphere (there were warning about unusable reference target which I overlooked). I am at loss now as to what is the reference format that will work for both HTML and LaTeX...

[sphinx-dev] inline latex png's don't respect baseline of running text

2010-04-23 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hi, I use inline math symbols, but they are not aligned vertically to baseline of surrounding text: see https://www.yade-dem.org/sphinx/yade.eudoxos.html#yade._eudoxos.SpiralInteractionLocator2d.macroStressAroundPt (e.g. the $i$, $j$ in the first bullet should have the same baseline). Is that a

[sphinx-dev] Re: inline latex png's don't respect baseline of running text

2010-04-23 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hi Jonathan, I actually tried to add \usepackage[active]{preview} to the preamble, which should embed information about baseline for dvipng (at least accodring to its manpage); is it the same what you do for mathtran? Apparently, sphinx doesn't make use of this information. from man dvipng:

[sphinx-dev] Re: inline latex png's don't respect baseline of running text

2010-04-25 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Oh, thanks, Georg. I overlooked that one. It works just great! Cheers, v. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups sphinx-dev group. To post to this group, send email to sphinx-...@googlegroups.com. To unsubscribe from this group, send email to

[sphinx-dev] if you don't give a link caption the label must precede a section header. again

2010-05-06 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hi, I just read http://www.mail-archive.com/sphinx-dev@googlegroups.com/msg02457.html and thought I shouldn't get the warning in subject. I found out that labels that contain hyphen trigger the warning, even if they precede the section header as they should. e.g. Blah :ref:`labeling-things`

[sphinx-dev] syntax for parametr lists (python vs. c++)

2010-05-07 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hi, I have a few questions regarding parameters list syntax. 1. Is the consolidated fields syntax supported? For me, it works in python functions. If I have c++ function where I mangle the docstring with callback functions, I don't get the desired result. e.g.

[sphinx-dev] custom internal hyperlinking roles -- resolving xrefs

2010-12-13 Thread Václav Šmilauer
Hello everybody, I am struggling with a simple thing (but I want to do it properly)... I want to create a custom internal hyperlinking role :yref:`target`, where target is transformed to yield name of an existing label (target2, created either manually or automatically) somewhere else in the

[sphinx-dev] Re: How to integrate Sphinx-generated Latex code in existing Latex documents?

2010-12-19 Thread Václav Šmilauer
But, I would like to integrate the generated Latex files within an already existing Latex project (more precise: in the appendix of a book). In particular I want the Sphinx-generated documentation pages to have the header, footer and section heading styles of the parent document. I guess I