Re: Mech. Platform above ceiling

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Use the standard that applies to a transition boundary between two different application densities. You are transitioning between the application above the mechanical platform to the zero application above the remaining ceiling cavity space. > On Sep 6, 2019, at 1:05 PM, Bobby via

Re: N 1.85 graph

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But the flow axis for a N1.85 is not a logarithmic scale. When plotting more than two points on an N1.85 graph you are essentially trying to eyeball a best fit to a 1.85 power water supply curve. If you are cook-booking, i.e. you don’t really know what this N1.85 is actually doing, then you

Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Captive Aire Systems

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It is definitely a challenge to get down to the details for these systems to determine the implications for “supply its water from the automatic sprinkler system”. I don’t think the system nuts and bolts details are easily available online for inquiry. I have seen the installation and controls

Re: Fire Alarms

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The home base will be NFPA 72. Here is one important notion to remember. Throughout the NFPA 72 standard are common words that the average lay person would take for granted they already know what the words mean but in fact have very specific meanings in NFPA 72. For example the word “alarm” is