Re: Securing Institutional Heads

2019-10-08 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
Are you making it harder or easier to use sprinkler head as attachment point for suicide by hanging? Best. Bruce Verhei > On Oct 8, 2019, at 12:34, Kerschner, Philip via Sprinklerforum > wrote: > > Certain institutional heads come with a retaining flange for installation > above the

Re: Polybutylene Fire Sprinkler Pipe installed in 1990 - general requirements in your area

2019-10-07 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
We had problems with rats chewing PB that we did not experience with CPVC. Everyone in the office but me had there own opinion but me. Warfarin kills them. Beginning and end of my rat knowledge. Oh, and never step on one of those 12”x12” sticky rat catching sheets while your looking up at the

Re: [EXTERNAL] FW: Dry Pipe Valve to Wet

2019-09-24 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
IFC section was originally to stop installation of security cameras masquerading as smoke detectors. It was written so they wouldn’t have to say ‘& sprinkler heads, & standpipe outlets, & ’ as more products appeared. Might be a stretch to say it applies in this case. 175 psi relief

Re: Water supply test data

2019-08-28 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
It’s not a bad thing to have for instructional purposes. It can emphasize that higher flows give better results. It is shocking how consistent the accepted model is. Best. Bruce Verhei > On Aug 28, 2019, at 09:04, Sprinkler Academy - C Bilbo via Sprinklerforum > wrote: > > Looks

Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Ex cov under OH Door

2019-08-23 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
Comment from past AHJ: For a couple heads, I doubt my field inspectors would notice difference. Either is going to operate the water flow switch, and get some water on the fire. I can’t see fire spreading laterally. First head should not cause problems with first four or six heads flow at

Re: Attic/Concealed space access to sprinkler heads

2019-08-15 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
What Ron said. Some poor fitter out in Oct looking for low points and on a schedule Best. > On Aug 15, 2019, at 12:55, Ron Greenman via Sprinklerforum > wrote: > > I didn't mean to suggest that you didn't need access to low points. You do, > and you need to put the sign on them or next

Re: Captive Aire Systems

2019-08-14 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
I might be a couple years out of date. I think the ones we saw were off domestic water, with a small backflow device. You can’t run a restaurant without water, so there is no concern about water system not being monitored. Best. > On Aug 14, 2019, at 15:19, Travis Mack, SET, CFPS, CWBSP,

Re: Backflow Prevention Valves

2019-08-13 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
Does the outside hose allowance flow through the DDCVA? Meaning is the closest hydrant downstream of the backflow device. Your looking at flow through the DDCVA. Best. Bruce Verhei Sent from my iPhone > On Aug 13, 2019, at 15:34, Joe Burtell via Sprinklerforum > wrote: > >*

Re: Fire Alarms

2019-08-13 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
AFA is quite a bit different than sprinklers. The most common code requirements coming out of the building and fire codes is for coverage throughout as defined in 13-D, 13-R, or 13. There are a few exceptions for partial systems, such as spray booths, and for a sprinkler head in a O2/NO2 med

Re: Can a Branchline cross the main when Bracing

2019-08-08 Thread Bruce Verhei via Sprinklerforum
airplaned? Best. Bruce Verhei > On Aug 8, 2019, at 14:40, Jerry Van Kolken via Sprinklerforum > wrote: > > We are doing density upgrade in wood building. The new system will be a tree > system with 2-1/2 brachlines “airplaned” off the main. The branchline on each > side of the exceeds the