Ice Build-up on Linear Heat Detection for Double Interlock Pre-Action Sprinkler System

2019-09-03 Thread Russell Gregory via Sprinklerforum
We have a problem with ice forming on LHD cable inside a Coldstore at the access doors. The LHD is “Protectowire” and is used as the first detection for a Double Interlock Pre Action system. The Coldstore temperature is -10⁰C. 1. Is there any way to reduce or prevent this condensing water

RE: [EXTERNAL] Re: Captive Aire Systems

2019-08-15 Thread Russell Gregory via Sprinklerforum
Further to Nicky’s comments I would add that the systems installed as tail end to fire sprinklers do not have the hood washing feature that the Captive Air appear to have. Pressure reducing is needed in some cases. Russell Gregory Christchurch; New Zealand From: Sprinklerforum