[sqlite] Adding SQL commands

2004-04-13 Thread basil . thomas
I would like to add some commands to SQLite to make my SQL(ite) programming life easier!!! The commands are: IF - e.g IF ((select count(*) from foo) = 100) select "good"; ELSE select "bad"; END

Re: [sqlite] Adding SQL commands

2004-04-13 Thread Greg Obleshchuk
Hi Basil, The first use of IF is same syntax as the case statement so I don't think it is required and as IF isn't SQL92 I doubt it will be included so your command is replaced by case when (select count(*) from foo) = 100 then 'good' else 'bad' end I like the idea of exist but then again you

[sqlite] Concurrency, MVCC

2004-04-13 Thread Andrew Piskorski
How feasible would it be to add support for higher concurrency to SQLite, especially via MVCC? (If it turns out to be feasible and desirable, I'd be willing to work on it in my free time.) What I would really like in SQLite would be: - Good concurrency, preferably similar or better to that of

[sqlite] Effectiveness of PRAGMA integrity_check;

2004-04-13 Thread ben . carlyle
G'day, I'm trying to write some defensive code that is able to recover from database corruption. The idea is that if a disk fails and a database becomes corrupt it can be detected and synchronised from a backup copy. To this end, I've just been trying to write a function that returns true