[sqlite] fts2 in the amalgamation source?

2007-07-26 Thread David Crawshaw
Hello all, I was wondering if it would be possible to include fts2 in the amalgamated version of the source code. It looks like all that needs to be done is add tclsh $(TOP)/ext/fts2/mkfts2amal.tcl to the end of the target_source target in Makefile.in and then add fts2amal.c to the

Re: [sqlite] promise raid controller uses sqlite ?

2007-07-05 Thread David Crawshaw
Roger Binns wrote: > is there really a native java-port of sqlite ? There is an insane project named NestedVM that compiles C code for the MIPS processor and then converts it to Java bytecode. http://nestedvm.ibex.org/ It comes packaged up with a JDBC interface:

Re: [sqlite] detect afs, --enable-locking-style, non-darwin fs detection

2006-12-29 Thread David Crawshaw
On 24/12/06, Adam Megacz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: AFS (the Andrew FileSystem) supports whole-file locks but not byte-range locks. Unfortunately, it has a problematic "feature" whereby it will claim to grant requests for byte-range locks, but not actually perform any locking activity. This

Re: [sqlite] SQLiteJDBC is now 100% Pure Java

2006-12-14 Thread David Crawshaw
On 14/12/06, Christian Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > http://www.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc Is locking now handled by NestedVM so that the driver is useable with native SQLite processes? Yes, that's why it took me so long. :) I have implemented fcntl() locking using java.nio.*, which means it

[sqlite] SQLiteJDBC is now 100% Pure Java

2006-12-12 Thread David Crawshaw
For several months now I have been providing a Java JDBC driver for SQLite 3. Now I am happy to announce with v030, the completion of a 100% Pure Java version. http://www.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc This is accomplished with the support of the great NestedVM project. The SQLite C source is compiled

Re: [sqlite] Is sqlite, a java wrapper and java for a small app a good solution?

2006-12-03 Thread David Crawshaw
Christian Steinherr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: A few words about the requirements of my application i'm working on: an app with about 5 oder 10 tables, filled with up to 1000 rows of data. It's planned as a singleuser GUI application and i don't think it's becomming very large, maybe 2 lines

Re: [sqlite] Question on JAVA and Sqlite DB

2006-11-17 Thread David Crawshaw
Benedetta.Turchi wrote: which are the recommended JAVA wrapper APIs/JDBC driver to be used to connect to an SQLite DB? I would happily recommend my own, though I may be a little biased http://www.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc There are a list of others on the SQLiteWrappers page of the main wiki. d

Re: [sqlite] using auto increment in java

2006-11-11 Thread David Crawshaw
On 12/11/06, Patrick Marchwiak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: I am working on a Java program that uses SQLite for its database. I am using auto increment on some of my inserts and am wondering if there is some easy way to retrieve the auto incremented rowid right after inserting. I realize that

Re: [sqlite] PRAGMA table_info() reveals primary keys

2006-11-10 Thread David Crawshaw
Dennis Cote wrote: You should create a documentation bug ticket so these things will get fixed. Done. -- David - To unsubscribe, send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[sqlite] PRAGMA table_info() reveals primary keys

2006-11-09 Thread David Crawshaw
I had need of a programmatic interface to determine the primary keys of a table, so I went to add it to pragma table_info, only to discover it is already there. The comment in pragma.c seems out of date, failing to mention the sixth column 'pk', and so is sqlite.org/pragma.html. -- David

Re: [sqlite] SQLite and McAfee Anti-Virus

2006-10-31 Thread David Crawshaw
On 01/11/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: My efforts to contact Mcafee about this problem have been unfruitful. Does anybody have an suggestions on how I might deal with this? You could trademark the name SQLite and have a lawyer send them a letter. Companies respond much

Re: [sqlite] [OT] Java wrapper binaries for Windows with larget MAX_ARGS

2006-10-24 Thread David Crawshaw
Adriano Rodrigues <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: For example, I will miss ResultSet.getObject() which I rely upon heavily. Sorry, the README is out of date there. The latest version v026 supports ResultSet.getObject() by instancing the object that matches the storage type of the column. So you

Re: [sqlite] See table structure

2006-10-20 Thread David Crawshaw
Lloyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Hi List, In SQLite, to see the table structure which command can I use? (as in Oracle's desc ) You can use "select * from sqlite_master;" and there is specific information available by the pragma command: http://sqlite.org/pragma.html d

Re: [sqlite] [OT] Java wrapper binaries for Windows with larget MAX_ARGS

2006-10-20 Thread David Crawshaw
Adriano Ferreira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Does anyone know where I can get binary files for the Christian Werner's Java wrapper (sqlite.jar and sqlite_jni.dll) which allows for a large number of placeholders (something like 256 or so)? If you are just after a JDBC driver with no arbitrary

Re: [sqlite] freeing pUserData

2006-08-26 Thread David Crawshaw
Roberto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > int sqlite3_user_data_find(...) Usually the user data is some information you can use to refer to your context. How are you using the userData ? I'm keeping a reference to a Java object in it that contains the actual function being called. Woudn't

[sqlite] compiling 3.3.7 with loadable extensions

2006-08-14 Thread David Crawshaw
The new loadable extensions cause a range of errors compiling the plain-source file, sqlite-source-3_3_7. Not a problem for me as I'm omitting them with -DSQLITE_OMIT_LOAD_EXTENSION, but log is below: $ unzip sqlite-source-3_3_7.zip $ mv tclsqlite.c tclsqlite.c.not $ gcc -c *.c 2>log In file

[sqlite] Re: SQLite and Java

2006-08-09 Thread David Crawshaw
Umesh Nayak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Does SQLite work with Java? Yes. I have written a JDBC driver for SQLite 3: http://www.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc There are also other projects for working with SQLite in Java. See the wiki off www.sqlite.org d

Re: RE: RE: AW: AW: [sqlite] New JDBC driver for SQLite

2006-07-31 Thread David Crawshaw
Brannon wrote: It was just a warning. Instructions for MSVC added to the README.

Re: RE: AW: AW: [sqlite] New JDBC driver for SQLite

2006-07-31 Thread David Crawshaw
Brannon King wrote: To compile the binary with VC71, I had to 1. move a dozen variable declarations to the top of the function 2. download the DB.h file separately from the build tree 3. change the jstrlen to end with "return (int)(s - str) - suppChars" 4. change my sqlite3 lib build to #define

Re: AW: AW: [sqlite] New JDBC driver for SQLite

2006-07-31 Thread David Crawshaw
Martin Pfeifle wrote: could you please shortly outline the differences between your jdbc driver and the one developed by Christian Werner? I haven't looked too closely at the other driver, but from what I have seen, it is designed to work with the old callback exec() functions, so it supports

Re: Re: [sqlite] New JDBC driver for SQLite

2006-07-30 Thread David Crawshaw
Michael Scharf wrote: I quickly looked at the code -- it's amazingly small! I really like that. I have to do some performance tests to see if it fits my needs.. Thanks. I think you will find the JNI is not a problem, I tested it on its own and the overhead is non-existent. The problem you

Re: AW: [sqlite] New JDBC driver for SQLite

2006-07-30 Thread David Crawshaw
Martin Pfeifle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Does the jdbc driver also provide the direct reading and writing of BLOBs? Yes, through PreparedStatement.setBytes() and ResultSet.getBytes(). I haven't added support yet for the java.sql.Blob type, because I am funadmentally opposed to the idea of SQL

[sqlite] New JDBC driver for SQLite

2006-07-30 Thread David Crawshaw
Hello all, I have written a new JDBC driver for SQLite. http://java.zentus.com/sqlitejdbc.html It is designed to be easy to read and as thin a layer as possible on top of the C functions. The new _prepare()/_step() API is surprisingly similar to the JDBC API, making it efficient code. SQLite