Re: [sqlite] Bug in conversion from unixepoch

2008-09-01 Thread Myk Melez
Brandon Fosdick wrote: > sqlite> select date('1220302462','unixepoch'); > 2008-09-01 > sqlite> select date('1220249914','unixepoch'); > 2008-09-01 > Unix times contain no time zone information (they are relative to an epoch in the UTC time zone), and SQLite's date/time functions return

Re: [sqlite] millisecond precision for unixepoch values

2008-08-22 Thread Myk Melez
Igor Tandetnik wrote: > You have two problems. First, 1219441430151/1000 is done as C-style > integer truncating division, so you are losing your fractions right > there. Try > > select 1219441430151/1000, 1219441430151/1000.0; > > and see the difference. > Ah, indeed: sqlite> select

[sqlite] recommended declared type for Julian date columns

2008-08-22 Thread Myk Melez
Is "REAL" the recommended declared type for a column storing only Julian date values that generally include a fractional time portion? -myk ___ sqlite-users mailing list

[sqlite] millisecond precision for unixepoch values

2008-08-22 Thread Myk Melez
I noticed today that JavaScript Date values (the number of milliseconds since the Unix epoch) degrade to second precision when converted to Julian date values and back using naive SQLite date/time function calls, for example: sqlite> SELECT strftime('%s', julianday(1219441430151/1000,

Re: [sqlite] SQLITE3 datatype

2008-05-07 Thread Myk Melez
Joanne Pham wrote: > I have read online document regarding SQLITE3 data type and below is list of > these datatypes: > * TEXT > * NUMERIC > * INTEGER > * REAL > * NONE > But just now I found out SQLITE3 has bigint and int as another datatype. SQLite doesn't

Re: [sqlite] FTS search negative term syntax

2008-04-30 Thread Myk Melez
Scott Hess wrote: > It's not entirely clear that the fts search syntax should aim to hew too > closely to consumer-oriented search syntax. Indeed, I would expect the FTS search syntax to optimize for the machine model, while the user-facing syntax optimizes for human comprehensibility, and the

Re: [sqlite] FTS3 Unicode support

2008-01-30 Thread Myk Melez
Scott Hess wrote: The [3] status is ... pending, sorry :-(. But it is more along the lines of adding stuff to ICU rather than adding ICU-less stuff to SQLite, so it sounds like that is not relevant to what you're doing. Hi Scott, Thanks for the info. Indeed, enhancements to ICU don't

[sqlite] FTS3 Unicode support

2008-01-24 Thread Myk Melez
Hi all, I'm working to enable FTS3 in the next version of Firefox [1] so that extenders can take advantage of it, although Firefox itself isn't using it for the next release. Given Firefox's international audience, it would be useful for FTS3 to support Unicode. We currently do this for