Re: [sqlite] WHERE = does not work

2010-04-30 Thread Rashed Iqbal
I am not sure if this is your issue exactly but I had similar problems when I started on SQLite a while ago. It turned out that my table definition was case-sensitive and therefore = was not working for me and I had to use LIKE. I changed my table definition with COLLATE NO CASE and the problem

Re: [sqlite] Case-sensitivity, performance and LIKE

2010-03-31 Thread Rashed Iqbal
Thank you, all for your responses. I did not have access to table definition so I used collate no-case within statements. However, I still have very slow performance of the DB. I ran my application using Intel's VTune performance analyzer and about 90% of time is being spent in the file sqlite.c.

[sqlite] Case-sensitivity, performance and LIKE

2010-03-30 Thread Rashed Iqbal
Hello, I need help with the following question: Is there a way to make SQLite queries case-insensitive? For example my query is: SELECT * from Customers WHERE LastName = 'Shaw' AND FirstName = 'Gioia' and I want to be able to get same results no matter if the case is good in the

[sqlite] SQLite on 64-bit Windows O/S

2010-03-16 Thread Rashed Iqbal
Has anyone compiled and used SQLite on 64-bit Windows? Are there any code changes that would be needed before compiling? Would the same DB file work on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms? Thank you for your help. Rashed ___ sqlite-users mailing list