Re: [sqlite] new sqlite-based webserver

2006-10-13 Thread Raymond Irving
Well I've never created one before but I think it should be a straight forward setup. Best regards, __ Raymond Irving --- Günter Greschenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > thanks ! > > "some kind" of SourceFourge is already available: > you can download the &g

Re: [sqlite] new sqlite-based webserver

2006-10-12 Thread Raymond Irving
Very nice indeed. Any chance we will see some kind of SourceFourge opening soon? Maybe after adding docs and multithreading capabilities? __ Raymond Irving --- Günter Greschenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > hi raymond, > > your idea of including other files

Re: [sqlite] new sqlite-based webserver

2006-10-11 Thread Raymond Irving
('imports.jsp');; } Just my 2 cents. __ Raymond Irving __ Raymond Irving --- Günter Greschenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Hi, > > the reasons why i did this: > 1) i wanted to have a simple webserver to get my son > involved in > programming an online ga

Re: [sqlite] Version 3.1.0

2005-01-21 Thread Raymond Irving
Hi, It would be nice if Autovacum can be set for a database with data and also be set to occur at timely intervals. Maybe something like every 1000 updates or deletes. __ Raymond Irving --- "D. Richard Hipp" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Version 3.1.0 (alpha) of SQLi

[sqlite] PRAGMA short_column_names not working in 3.0.8

2004-10-26 Thread Raymond Irving
Supermercado|Carrera 52 con Ave. Bol¦§¢®var #65-98 Llano La rgo|Barquisimeto|Lara|3508|Venezuela __ Raymond Irving

Re: [sqlite] Preventing TableNames.columns inside SELECT

2004-10-26 Thread Raymond Irving
Thanks, I'll give it a try with version 3.0.8 __ Raymond Irving --- John LeSueur <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Raymond Irving wrote: > > >Hi All, > > > >Please consider the following example: > > > >I would like to only return the field names and n

[sqlite] Preventing TableNames.columns inside SELECT

2004-10-24 Thread Raymond Irving
. How can I How do I configure SQLite to only return the field (or column) names? __ Raymond Irving

[sqlite] SQLite now supports ALTER Table?

2004-10-22 Thread Raymond Irving
Hey check this out: This SQLiteDB php class allows you to use ALTER TABLE with your sqlite database.

Re: [sqlite] LIKE, BETWEEN

2004-10-13 Thread Raymond Irving
order to reduce DLL size? __ Raymond Irving --- Mike Ponomarenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > In sqlite3 queries using LIKE and BETWEEN do not use > existing indices. So for > a schema like > CREATE TABLE t (a integer, b char(40)); > CREATE INDEX t_idx_0 ON t(a); >

Re: [sqlite] Encrypting data stored in database

2004-09-10 Thread Raymond Irving
? Is it because Dr Hipp already have an encryption module? I think we should at least have a very simple obfuscation feature added to the open source version of SQLite. __ Raymond Irving --- Joey Blankenship <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > We made the mods in os_win.c, in the read and write &

Re: [sqlite] New SQL Function.

2004-08-18 Thread Raymond Irving
Is there some form of documentation that should all the functions allowed inside an SQL statement? For example: DATE(), CASE, etc __ Raymond Irving --- Doug Currie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > > Wednesday, August 18, 2004, 1:45:43 PM, Federico > wrote: > > >

Re: [sqlite] ignore index

2004-06-21 Thread Raymond Irving
It would be even better if SQLite could do a better job at optimizing the index searches. __ Raymond Irving --- rene <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Hi, > > i ran into a simulair case as this message >[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg01646.html > > where

Re: [sqlite] SQLite performance with mid-size databases

2004-06-17 Thread Raymond Irving
E a=5 AND b LIKE 'xyzzy'; > Why not add a feature to SQLite to allow the user to choose the index to use? Maybe something like this: SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE a=5 abd b='xyzzy' USE INDEX(a) Wouldn't this be much more straiht forward and

Re: [sqlite] SQLite performance with mid-size databases

2004-06-17 Thread Raymond Irving
over 2 Gigabytes (GB) of data even though the docs says it can handle up to 2 Terabytes (TB). Does it really make sense to cut back on performance in order to keep the library size small? Will SQLite 3.0 fix these problems? __ Raymond Irving --- "D. Richard Hipp" <[EMAIL PROT

[sqlite] Re:SQLite ODBC Driver

2004-06-02 Thread Raymond Irving
SQLite then I could have them install it. So I'm back to square one. Back to MS Access. PS Why do most open-source community alway think inside-a-Box? Why don't they ever think out-the-box? Why think Guru? __ Raymond Irving ---

RE: [sqlite] SQLite and ODBC

2004-05-17 Thread Raymond Irving
connectable is something that the team should also consider. Not everyone uses C or C++ and not all components have an interface to bind an array. We just have to look at what tools we have available and see how best we can make them integrate-able. __ Raymond Irving "Griggs, Donald&quo

[sqlite] SQLite and ODBC

2004-05-17 Thread Raymond Irving
Hi, I think SQLite should come standard with an odbc driver since ODBC is an "open standard" __ Raymond Irving

RE: [sqlite] sqlite with Visual Basic

2004-05-17 Thread Raymond Irving
installation program: inst.exe sqliteodbc.dll sqliteodbcu.dll uninst.exe The next thing to do is to run the inst.exe file to install and uninst.exe to uninstall the ODBC drivers. PS. I think the dlls should go inside the "windows\system32" or "windows\system" folder

[sqlite] God-Given (A real life story)

2004-05-15 Thread Raymond Irving
God-Given Diosdada Fernandez I hated my name, which means God-given, until God gave me my life back. I live in Cuba, and although my mother claimed to be a Christian, I grew up not believing in God. Then in 1996 I learned that I had rectal cancer. The doctors operated, then they began

Re: [sqlite] sqlite with Visual Basic

2004-05-14 Thread Raymond Irving
I use SQLite ODBC with ADO to access databases from VB. It works like a charm. __ Raymond Irving Jérôme_VERITE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: I use this wrapper and to simplify again the code, I created littles classes which are very simple and loo

[sqlite] Field/String Concatination

2004-04-28 Thread Raymond Irving
Hello, How do I concatinate two or more strings or fields in SQLite? For Example: Select CustomerID,CompanyName,ContactName + '/' + ContactTitle As 'Contact', Address From Customers The Contact column returns 0. __ Raymond Irving

[sqlite] ADO 2.6 Provider for SQLite

2004-04-23 Thread Raymond Irving
Hello, Does anyone know where I can get the ADO provider for SQLite (if it's available)? I'm using ADO 2.6 (not ADO.Net) and would like to access the SQLite database via the ADO objects. Many Thanks __ Raymond Irving

Fwd: RE: [sqlite] RE: SQLite in OpenOffice?

2004-01-12 Thread Raymond Irving
t this to the OpenOffice group? I think they should use SQLite for db, Javascript for scripting and HTML for reporting and user interfacing. All this can be stored in one db file. -- Raymond Irving > As it happens, I'm working on an MDB->Sqlite > converte