RE: [sqlite] Locking in 3.0.5

2004-08-31 Thread Rob Groves
>>So, Rob, are you go to tell us if you think the change >>is an improvement or not? It seems that with either of the new schemes, when using sqlite3_busy_timeout() one thread is going to timeout sooner or later. That being the case I prefer the new version on efficiency grounds. Being a lazy

RE: [sqlite] Locking in 3.0.5

2004-08-31 Thread Rob Groves
I have just read the archive mailing list from 16/08/2004, and it looks like this behaviour is on purpose (checkin 1879). My mistake, Rob. -Original Message- From: Rob Groves [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 31 August 2004 22:17 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [sqlite] Locking in 3.0.5

[sqlite] Locking in 3.0.5

2004-08-31 Thread Rob Groves
Hi, I have observed different behaviour between 3.0.3 and 3.0.5. I didn't download 3.0.4 so can't comment on that. I am using two threads and setting a busy timeout on each with sqlite3_busy_timeout(). In 3.0.3 two threads trying to update the same row(s) would both retry until the one with the

RE: [sqlite] Newbie questions

2004-05-18 Thread Rob Groves
>>The sqlite_compile/step/finalize paradigm allows (requires really ) >>forward browsing through a result set. The results from sqlite_get_table() allow random access, should this be required, and I have even had success using qsort() on the results to re-order them without needing to re-query

RE: [sqlite] the second argument of sqlite_open

2004-04-28 Thread Rob Groves
> Will the [SQLite 3] API change much? What do you think -> do we need to rewrite much code > if we use the function with the callback method? >From what I can see, the SQLite 3 proposal does not commit to keeping the sqlite_exec() function. >>If you want to move to version 3, the API will >>be

RE: [sqlite] CppSQLite

2004-04-25 Thread Rob Groves
>>There is no copyright statement or license stated in the article >>or in the download. >>So it isn't clear what the legal status is of CppSQLite? There is a copyright notice at the end of every CodeProject article. However, I now intend to add a BSD style licence to all the source code files.

[sqlite] CppSQLite

2004-04-23 Thread Rob Groves
For those that are interested, a new version of CppSQLite and accompanying article is available here: Main new features are support for pre-compiled SQL and multithreaded features of SQLite, plus removal of Microsoft specific C++. Cheers, Rob.

[sqlite] sqlite_compile() different behaviour in 2.8.12 and 2.8.13

2004-03-23 Thread Rob Groves
is the intended behaviour? Cheers, Rob Groves Author of CppSQLite - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]