Re: [sqlite] uSQLiteServer F.Y.I. TWS web server

2005-11-17 Thread Tom Shafer
;use around the world. > >If enough people bug me about it, I'll go in and update >the public code base for TWS with some more recent >enhancements and bug fixes. > .. Nov'05 Tom Shafer adds: My TWS setup has been running (with zero attention) on an old NT 4.0 server since 2003 !!! I cannot praise it enough. TWS has no peers. But,,, there is always a better mousetrap. I can't wait to get my hands on uSQLiteServer. Kudos !!!

[sqlite] TWS - all-in-one web server

2004-04-23 Thread Tom Shafer
Senario: TWS is running as the read-only-web-application server. Web clients search & read-only. Local Clients may be updating the same SQLite db with ODBC (they are NOT using the web app). (this is tested, and works fine) I have a SQLite.exe commandline backup script to copy everything to text

[sqlite] A proposal for SQLite version 3.0

2004-04-07 Thread Tom Shafer
Vote for a database parameter:IS NULL A VALUE ? YES or NO - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[sqlite] TWS for Windows - link

2004-03-30 Thread Tom Shafer
Maybe this is a TWS question (please consider I've been using TCL for 'several' hours now ! ) the html says: <% mydb eval {select column1 from mytable where id=1} %> and the html says:{ column1data } I dont want the {braces} {squirrels} {wiggles} {whatever}. How do I omit them or strip

Fw: [sqlite] TWS for Windows - link

2004-03-25 Thread Tom Shafer
> It works !!! on Win2000 !!! > > WishList: I would certainly like to see an example database application > using SQLite. (maybe its there, but I couldnt find any obvious code). I > want to scrap IIS & Sambar & Apache efforts for something far more simple, > like TWS. > > > - Original Message