[sqlite] sqlite bug report

2019-04-10 Thread richard parkins
. This paradigm is already broken by the change in the semantics of ALTER TABLE, but I can reinstate the old behaviour with a PRAGMA. However not allowing views on nonexistent tables would break it more thoroughly. Richard Parkins http://www.zen224037.zen.co.uk rparkins999/sqliteman

[sqlite] Bug report for rtree.c

2019-04-07 Thread richard parkins
tionally, since this avoids a possible assertion error on releasing the Rtree if it is in fact corrupted and nNodeRef is nonzero. Richard Parkins http://www.zen224037.zen.co.uk https://github.com/rparkins999/sqliteman ___ sqlite-users mailing li

[sqlite] Apparent sqlite bug

2016-01-02 Thread richard parkins
le, and not being able to do so because the savepoint has vanished. Changing INSERT in my code to INSERT OR ABORT makes the rollback work properly. Richard Parkins