Re: [sqlite] Newbee Question

2007-04-04 Thread miguel manese
You have to link against sqlite's shared lib, e.g. in linux $ gcc -L/path/to/sqlite/stuffs -I/path/to/sqlite/stuffs -lsqlite prog.c (the 2nd is a capital i, the 3rd a small L) Cheers, M. Manese On 4/4/07, nshaw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: I upgraded from to Up till now,

[sqlite] Newbee Question

2007-04-03 Thread nshaw
I upgraded from to Up till now, I've been experimenting with SQLite3 via the CLP. Now, I'm trying to access a DB via a C program but I'm getting errors. Here's a small code fragment: #include #include #include "sqlite3.h" int main (int argc, char **argv) { sqlite3 *db;