Re: [sqlite] philosophy behind public domain?

2005-05-26 Thread Greg Miller
Chad Whitacre wrote: I am interested in the reasoning behind SQLite's dedication to the public domain vis-a-vis other copyright/licensing options (GPL, BSD, etc.) Is there any documentation available on this decision? It comes down to goals. If your goal is to give other people code to use,

Re: [sqlite] FreeBSD and SQLite

2004-04-14 Thread Greg Miller
Al Rider wrote: Is there anyone successfully running SQLite on a FreeBSD machine? If so, would you email me and give me some help with it. I've never used it on anything else. The instructions assume that make is actually GNU make, which is almost certainly not the case on a non-Linux machine.

Re: [sqlite] Effectiveness of PRAGMA integrity_check;

2004-04-15 Thread Greg Miller
Liz Steel wrote: You say that I shouldn't get a corrupt database when I pull the power, but I am consistently getting this. I am using SQLite version 2.8.9 using the C++ interface running on Windows XP Home. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening? If you have an IDE hard drive

Re: [sqlite] Effectiveness of PRAGMA integrity_check;

2004-04-15 Thread Greg Miller
Andrew Piskorski wrote: On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 08:33:14AM -0500, Greg Miller wrote: support that. The FreeBSD folks tried to solve this by turning off write caching by default. Unfortunately, this hurt performance so much they had to turn it back on and just recommend SCSI drives for important

Re: [sqlite] Effectiveness of PRAGMA integrity_check;

2004-04-15 Thread Greg Miller
D. Richard Hipp wrote: From what I am told, most IDE drives do signal the OS when the data reaches the platter. I'm also told that the Linux fsync() call does not return until it gets that signal. The Windows FlushFileBuffers(), on the other hand, does not wait for the data to get to platter.

Re: [sqlite] row size limit

2004-04-18 Thread Greg Miller
Greg Obleshchuk wrote: I know the MS is looking at replacing the file system with the SQL engine in Longhorn so they must have solved the issue. They're not replacing NTFS with a database. They're implementing a database layer (WinFS) on top of NTFS. It's not entirely clear what they're doing,

Re: [sqlite] Re: sqlite-users Digest 22 May 2004 05:23:11 -0000 Issue 115

2004-05-22 Thread Greg Miller
Ulrik Petersen wrote: IANAL, but the way I understand it, you can't link against their libraries and still distribute your code under an Open Source license, or distribute your binaries under a license that requires that the software be offered at no charge. My understanding may be flawed, so

Re: [sqlite] OT: Reply-To Munging Considered Useful

2004-07-23 Thread Greg Miller
Michael Roth wrote: Please switch off Reply-To again. There are certainly a few drawbacks to using Reply-To, but I can't remember the last time I was on a mailing list that didn't make use of it. Clearly, there's a very solid consensus out there that Reply-To is the way to go. --

Re: [sqlite] trying to compile SQLite

2004-09-03 Thread Greg Miller
Christian Smith wrote: I found it funny, while looking through Dr Dobbs journal some time ago, about a columnist (Al Stevens, I think!) being surprised that under UNIX, such things as filename globbing was done by the shell, and all main() usually gets is a list of valid filenames. Under DOS and

Re: [sqlite] [OT] Shell globbing - Re: [sqlite] trying to compile SQLite

2004-09-05 Thread Greg Miller
Christian Smith wrote: On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Greg Miller wrote: I guess the UNIX folks just didn't know any better way back then. Putting globbing in the API instead of the shell is a much better approach, but that wasn't all that obvious when UNIX first came along. You condone the DOS/Windows

Re: [sqlite] absolute vs. relative path to database on Cygwin

2004-12-14 Thread Greg Miller
amead wrote: Are you doing this at the Cygwin prompt or Window's command prompt? My installation of Cygwin doesn't recognize DOS style paths at all: $ ls c:\cygwin ls: c:cygwin: No such file or directory You used a backslash, escaping the 'c' character. Notice that the error message refers to

Re: [sqlite] Is there any way to enable recursive triggers?

2005-01-04 Thread Greg Miller
Sandy Ganz wrote: This doesn't sound right, I have seen the problem that linux will not use the allocated memory until it is touched, but doesn't the memory manger keep track ultimatly of all allocations (in the kernel which as all encompassing knowledge of allocations) which might include things

Re: [sqlite] Version 3.1.0

2005-01-21 Thread Greg Miller
Robert L Cochran wrote: I don't know how to explain this "excitement" myself, except through examples that might bore you because I don't know the details of how to write a program that takes advantage of a 64 bit cpu. The excitement is mainly about speed, I would say. To make compiled software

Re: [sqlite] Version 3.1.0

2005-01-21 Thread Greg Miller
Robert L Cochran wrote: I should have indicated in my earlier post that magazines which do side-by-side hardware testing are saying that the AMD Athlon 64 is indeed faster than the Pentium 4; for example look in the January issue of Maximum PC magazine. they have a followup test supplementing

Re: [sqlite] SQLite Advocacy

2005-01-31 Thread Greg Miller
D. Richard Hipp wrote: On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 11:31 -0600, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 99% of the world is on windows I can't speak for the whole world, but visitors to the SQLite website over the past two weeks break out something like this: Windows: 80.6% Linux:14.9% Mac:

Re: [sqlite] Best way to check for existence of a table?

2005-02-14 Thread Greg Miller
Richard Boyd wrote: I tried what you suggested and I always get the error message: "SQL error: no such column: table32" Whether the table exists or not, I always get returned value of 1 from sqlite3_exec(). The exact command that I use is: SELECT count(*) FROM sqlite_master WHERE name=table32 AND

Re: [sqlite] Thanks!

2005-03-03 Thread Greg Miller
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: After 15 years of assembler programming, I am still to find a compiler that makes debugging and optimizing as easy as assembler. I can't remember the number of times that C has got me deep into memory leaks. Then give C++ a try. If you need low level programming, C is a

Re: [sqlite] sqlite3_bind_text() and SQLITE_STATIC question

2005-05-01 Thread Greg Miller
Thomas Briggs wrote: From the looks of this warning, I would guess that you could redefine SQLITE_STATIC like this (or some variation of this that is legal C++) to solve the problem: #define SQLITE_STATIC ((extern "C" void(*)(void*)) 0) I don't think there's any legal way to do this, is