Re: [sqlite] Unsubscription

2014-10-15 Thread Klaas V
Venkatarangan MJ wrote: >How do I unsubscribe from the group as I have stopped using SQLITE from quite >some time now? >Thanks. >Regards >Rangan. Send a message with subject or body 'help' to This is written in the header of each digest; I don't know about

Re: [sqlite] Feature Request - RowCount

2014-12-14 Thread Klaas V
Jim Callahan wrote:>#26 The unique columns have non-null values (the answer says a lot more,>but that is the essence of what I am relying on). Right, but the question was how to count rows as quickly as possible regarding any or all columnse.g. count(ProspectName) from Clients;  One can imagine

Re: [sqlite] Updating sqlite3 in anaconda

2014-12-26 Thread Klaas V
Mitch asked how to update SQLite in Anaconda, 1. Perhaps you better ask this in a Python-forum as well.2. Please tell them and us what operating system you use3. Happy New Year  Kind regards | Cordiali saluti | Vriendelijke groeten | Freundliche Grüsse, Klaas `Z4us` V  - OrcID -0001-7190-2544

[sqlite] Camel-db source

2014-12-29 Thread Klaas V
Apache Camel: Source |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Apache Camel: SourceWarning Icon Apache Camel code repository was moved to git, The old svn repo will not be updated. Web Browsing of git To browse via the web: | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |    Kind regards

Re: [sqlite] Where do we post to share code? CTE: Long to Wide format

2015-01-01 Thread Klaas V
Happy New Year, Joe and other SML-members, You answered your own question in the title of your post perfectly. If you want to post the results of .fullschema here as well you provide us with almost every detail of the way you coded your database. Perhaps you mean other code in what language and

Re: [sqlite] Whish List for 2015 (David Barrett)

2015-01-19 Thread Klaas V
On my whish-list for this list is the possibility to include attachments like screenshots and databases. For program more handy functions and documentation more examples. I'm pretty sure that less lazy users made functions that could be included as standard to be used for all of us.   Kind

[sqlite] Problem with accumulating decimal values

2015-12-18 Thread Klaas V
On Thu, 17 Dec 2015 13:13:24 Simon wrote: >to round only when you need to be handling integers. Round the result to maximum two digits after the decimal point (or comma) when it handles about money. Kind regards |?Cordiali saluti | Vriendelijke groeten | Freundliche Gr?sse, Klaas `Z4us` V ?-

[sqlite] Dumb statement question...

2015-06-10 Thread Klaas V
Someone chose a title like 'Dumb%question%' FYI: Except perhaps of those unasked there is no such thing as a dumb question Especially if a question concerns the great field of ICT whether it's libraries like SQLite, programming compiled (or interpreted)/database/script languages {resp. e.g.

[sqlite] SQLite_version

2013-11-06 Thread Klaas V
On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 6:12 AM, SongbookDB wrote: > Thanks Clemens > > Flash gives the error - no such function: 'sqlite_version' > > SQLite Administrator says 3.5.1 > > I'll see what the Adobe community say. Or just .v -

Re: [sqlite] Encryption

2013-12-05 Thread Klaas V
When you'use the word 'perfornance' you might be interested not jonly in speed, but in strength of protection, privacy of the employees, your company as a whole and above all your clients. One of the goals of encryption is to avoid e.g. the government(s and the spies they hired to peek into

Re: [sqlite] SQLite version 3.8.2 running 2.5x faster for some queries.

2013-12-05 Thread Klaas V
Warren wrote 4 dec 2013: | There are tiny corners of the programming world (FP) where this is not the case, but then you get into | questions of purity, and databases are about as far from side-effect-free as you can get. That's a wee bit exaggerated, but who am I to start a discussion;

[sqlite] Programming in SQL vs. a procedural computer language

2013-12-26 Thread Klaas V
Tobias wrote "... simpler just to have afterwards some things to do in my program? " What is 'simple' is an off topic discussion. More important is the reason of making changes by you and/or your colleagues. I've seen coding in a procedural language I could only figure out by reading the

Re: [sqlite] shell crashes when there is no column name

2014-01-15 Thread Klaas V
Clemens wrote: >  $ sqlite3 >  SQLite version 3.8.3 2014-01-11 12:52:25 >  Enter ".help" for instructions >  Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";" >  sqlite> .header on >  sqlite> values(1); >  (null) >  1 >  sqlite> .mode html >  sqlite> values(1); >  Segmentation fault One runs the risk

Re: [sqlite] Simple data conversion in SQLite - please help

2014-01-24 Thread Klaas V
On Jan 22, 2014, at 8:21 AM, Richard Hipp wrote: > I seem to recall seeing some SMS databases off of an iPhone that used unix > timestamps for the date/time. That would be seconds since 1970. You can > use the 'unixepoch' modifier on the date functions within SQLite to do >

Re: [sqlite] order of = in join

2014-02-01 Thread Klaas V
Anbrus wrote: "what's the easiest way to generate a set of fixed number of rows like VALUES does but in an order of your choice?" Order them before with the command 'sort' NAME sort - sort lines of text files SYNOPSIS sort [OPTION]... [FILE]... DESCRIPTION Write sorted

Re: [sqlite] Boolean and DataReader

2014-02-01 Thread Klaas V
|Igor Tandetnik wrote: | On 1/30/2014 7:20 PM, James K. Lowden wrote: |or define a constraint | |colname boolean check (colname in ('Y', 'N')) | |Of course you can use 0 and 1, but there's no technical advantage |There is a tiny advantage. Values 0 and 1 are special-cased in

Re: [sqlite] Send Mail from sqlite

2014-02-08 Thread Klaas V
From: "Keith Medcalf" Date: 7 Feb 2014 18:03:12 GMT+01:00 To: "General Discussion of SQLite Database" Reply-To: General Discussion of SQLite Database Have your application that is performing the update send an email when

Re: [sqlite] Windows service with SQLITE

2014-02-15 Thread Klaas V
Tejas Parekh wrote: "both processes use common database db1.s3db file to store data." Unfortunately SQLite does not allow more than one process to write a single file the same time. The one writing process should unlock "his" database in order to make it possible to others to make changes to 

Re: [sqlite] New

2014-03-02 Thread Klaas V
Kees wrote answering Ashleigh | If you prefer a graphical user interface, I can recommend |the sqlite manager plugin in the Firefox web browser. || If any one knows a better way to read and understand the files I would greatly appreciate it || |I think the file ext. is a plist. || Live,

Re: [sqlite] SQLite version 3.8.4 release schedule

2014-03-08 Thread Klaas V
| JN: "... the Cygwin VFS to behave the same as other UNIX'es" Warning: Off topic: RTF* and Gnu's Not Unix Two answers from Cygwin's FAQ Q: What? A The Cygwin tools are ports of the popular GNU development tools for Microsoft Windows. They run thanks to the Cygwin library which provides the

Re: [sqlite] How synchronize two databases

2014-03-10 Thread Klaas V
Muhammad wrote: | ... two identical sqlite databases from structure side. I want to make a synchronization for the data ... | Is there any library can do that OR I've to do it by myself? With an Apple you can do it within SQLite itself. To do

Re: [sqlite] Where did the release announcements go?

2014-04-03 Thread Klaas V
Patrick asked  "Where did the release announcements go? This is the right place to go. Here you find announcements of new versions, planned updates and bug-fixes even before they arrive at  Recent SQLite News Recent SQLite News Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose any three. About Sitemap

Re: [sqlite] decomposing a path into its components?

2014-05-03 Thread Klaas V
On 3 May 2014, at 3:47pm, Petite Abeille wrote: >> Let further assume one would like to use only SQLite's build-in mechanism >Where Simon answered:  "There are two kinds of programmers ..." I tend to disagree, in fact there are at least three kinds 1 Application

Re: [sqlite] Getting error "file is encrypted or is not a database" when trying simple C example

2014-05-26 Thread Klaas V
FYI: SQLite2.8.17 for some Linux-versions (and Apple ppc) can be found here: Perhaps there are applications to convert to a more contemporary format like   Kind regards | Cordiali saluti | Vriendelijke groeten | Freundliche

Re: [sqlite] Using sqlite3_file in shims.

2014-06-30 Thread Klaas V
Renji Panicker wrote to this fine list: > >- As per the sqlite3PagerOpen function, the size of the memory allocated to >this pointer is ROUND8(pVfs->szOsFile). What configuration you're using, Renji? On some OS/browser/SupportSoftware etc. combinations this function may crash

Re: [sqlite] think I need better error-handling guidance in the C API

2014-07-05 Thread Klaas V
James K. Lowden wrote: >If the answer to every question, concern, and suggestion is that it >already works for millions of programs, there is no point in discussion >or further development.  Just use what's there because it's already >perfect. Permission to differ, James! Since there is no

Re: [sqlite] Hexadecimal integer literals

2014-07-23 Thread Klaas V
Like some others I vote for solution 6. In general accepting hexadecimal notation for floating point values exceeding 64 bits is too developer/scientist friendly. Who needs so much precision use Fortran or another specialized language rather than SQL of any flavor. My € 2E-2

Re: [sqlite] [Spellfix] Avoiding exact duplicates

2014-07-23 Thread Klaas V
Philip wrote: >Is it possible to tell the spellfix extension not to accept duplicate  >words if the rank and langid are exactly the same? I am collecting words  >from many different sources and after inserting them I very often get  >the same word back several times. Add a 'unique' constraint in

Re: [sqlite] Crash in sqlite3_mutex_try [Was: SQLite 3.8.6 beta]

2014-08-12 Thread Klaas V
 Jan wrote: " ** can manually set this value to 1 to emulate Win98 behavior. */" Can anyone give me one good reason apart from nostalgia to support a MS system not supported by MS? Kind regards | Cordiali saluti | Vriendelijke groeten | Freundliche Grüsse, Klaas `Z4us` V  - OrcID

Re: [sqlite] Index on expressions

2014-09-04 Thread Klaas V
Dominique Devienne wrote: (double-click on new version) SQLite version 3.8.5 2014-06-04 14:06:34 (terminal) SQLite version 3.7.13 2012-07-17 17:46:21 This means you downloaded the new version in a directory not in your $PATH Add it to your path: set PATH=: $PATH If you do this in your

Re: [sqlite] An order by problem, maybe a bug?

2014-09-20 Thread Klaas V
Simon wrote about parts of names like e.g. the Dutch/Flemish 'van' They should definitely not be capitalised Is not always true. Especially in northern Belgium names are often spelled like Van (often even connected with the last name) and I did personally the same to see which of the two

[sqlite] SQLite slows by a factor of 1000 after foreign key

2015-10-01 Thread Klaas V
Andrew Cunningham wrote: >I have noticed that when FOREIGN KEY is in DEFERRED mode and a FOREIGN KEY >violation occurs, SQLite will continue to run, but performance slows down >by about 1000x. Breaking into the code shows that it seems to be >continually re-reading the database. When I finally

[sqlite] Proposed new version numbering scheme for SQLite - Feedback requested

2015-10-09 Thread Klaas V
On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Simon Slavin wrote: > > On 8 Oct 2015, at 2:38pm, Richard Hipp wrote: > > > If accepted, the new policy will cause the next release to be 3.9.0 > > instead of 3.8.12. And the second number in the version will be > > increased much more aggressively in future

[sqlite] Disk-image malformed

2015-09-09 Thread Klaas V
Dear fellow users and developers of SQLite, sqlite> create table dual(dummy blob); sqlite> insert into dual values ('SQLite version 2015-07-29 20:00:57'); sqlite> create table z4usm1 as select (unicode(substr(type,2,1)) - 97) / 4 "zk", ...>name "zn", rootpage

[sqlite] sqlite3 file as database

2015-09-16 Thread Klaas V
Dear SQLite-users, R.Smith wrote: >".sqlite" is found somewhat, but if I had to pick one that seems most >common, it would just be the: "*.db" Firefox uses both database-extensions. '.sqlite' for sqlite3 , .db for another kind. I use .sqb for sqlite3 and .sqc for ciphered databases. When

[sqlite] sqldiff

2016-01-19 Thread Klaas V
Dear fellow SQLite-fans, I'm still using the old version which is located at* There seem to be some changes supporting the features 3.10 and higher brought us. Where can we find the newest binaries for OS X et al? Kind regards |?Cordiali

[sqlite] .mode defaults

2016-01-23 Thread Klaas V
Ciao SQLiters, The separators don't change back to the defaults automatically after change of mode from 'asci' to 'list'. Perhaps a '.mode def' or something like that would help to do so? Defaults --[[z4us|binz--]] sqlite3 o1.sqc '.sho' ? ? ? ? echo: off ? ? ? ???eqp: off ? explain: off ?

[sqlite] SQLite does not accept "extended ASCII"

2012-11-24 Thread Klaas V
UTF-8 encoding, while sqlite3_open16 accepts file names in UTF-16 encoding. You would need to convert your file names from this "extended ASCII" (by which I imagine you mean "system-default codepage", aka CP_ACP) to one of the two supported encodings.   Cordiali saluti

Re: [sqlite] disk image malformed (Durga D)

2012-12-06 Thread Klaas V
gt; Yes.  Yes. >   Cordiali saluti/Vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards, Klaas V ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] integrity_check "out of memory"

2013-01-21 Thread Klaas V
procedure I would say about 250 tops and stop.   Cordiali saluti/Vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards, Klaas V ___ sqlite-users mailing list

[sqlite] Double quotes in query

2013-02-02 Thread Klaas V
>Mohit wrote: >Can you use double quotes in the query? In this case no problem, double quotes are ignored around a tbl_name sqlite> create temp table "db..test"(c1 integer, c2); sqlite> insert into "db..test" values (1, 'sqlite_temp_master'); sqlite> insert into "db..test" values (2,

Re: [sqlite] sqlite abnormal IO writing

2013-04-21 Thread Klaas V
>On Sun, 21 Apr 2013 11:15:23 +0800 (CST), 刘运杰 >wrote: >Ok,I do not make my means clearly. I mean 60 seconds after my >program started,not token 60 seconds to load database file. ... >Now,I modify the implement of batch query, it take about one >second and 70k IO writing.So

Re: [sqlite] Segmentation fault in SQLite parser

2013-05-01 Thread Klaas V
Eelco wrote:  Using version select * from ((select * from x)) y; Segmentation fault On OSX we get 'Bus error'. Not a bug, because you were syntactical not exact enough. See  You're supposed to use only one pair () not more. Before 3.7.15 or 16

Re: [sqlite] Potential bug in crash-recovery code: unlink() and friends are not synchronous

2013-05-22 Thread Klaas V
Dear fellow SQLite afficionados,   Thanumalayan Sankaranarayana Pillai wrote:   "I expect it wouldn't be a problem with WAL" Thé SQLite (not wanting, but cobsidering him at leat  kind of) Force D. Richard H.  [who does not know Him don't read this message, you won;t

Re: [sqlite] Feature request: add support for COMMENT statement

2013-06-18 Thread Klaas V
Dear fellow users and managers of SQLite, Alexey Pechnikov wrote: >Bad idea. The schema definition can't be modified! In fact it's possible if you use the writable schema pragma An application could drop all applicable `ls -l` and `id

Re: [sqlite] Hints for the query planner

2013-09-12 Thread Klaas V
Richard  wrote: The question for today is what to call this magic hint function: (1)  unlikely(EXPR) (2)  selective(EXPR) (3)  seldom(EXPR) (4)  seldom_true(EXPR) (5)  usually_not_true(EXPR) Please feel free to suggest other names if you think of any.   I dislike #4 and#5, but what about one

Re: [sqlite] How to build sqlite4? Which branches are expected to build?

2012-08-09 Thread Klaas V
Richard Hipp wrote: >Copy Makefile.linux-gcc into Makefile.  Edit to suite your system.  Type "make" When a compiled version of sqlite4 will be released? We're on OSX Snow Leopard. Cordiali saluti/Vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards, Klaas V http://inno

Re: [sqlite] how to update the Moving average value

2012-08-12 Thread Klaas V
lect avg(sales_vol) as mavg >                        from tbl b >                        where between - 3 and >  from tbl a; - 3 should be - 2. You're working with the last 4 days and might get an error if id=3 :P   Cordiali saluti/Vriendelijke groeten/Kind regard

[sqlite] What Windows versions are supported by SQLite3

2012-08-25 Thread Klaas V
e used 3.6.x (don't remember exact update) successfully under Vista two years ago. Now we have OSX ( SQLite r.v.u 3.7.13)   Cordiali saluti/Vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards, Klaas V ___ sqlite-users mailing list sqlite-users@sql