[sqlite] Running multiple SQLite processes

2007-12-13 Thread kenmor
Hi Everyone, We are seeing the following strange behaviour with SQLite. Our environment is as follows 1. SQLite 3.5.3 2. Using MEMORY DB 3. Many databases 4. Sun Solaris machine T2000 (32 cores and 16G memory) 5. A single DB table with only 2 entries (so size is not an issue here!) 6. A

Re: [sqlite] Running multiple SQLite processes

2007-12-17 Thread kenmor
Hi Everyone, The problem was a mix of processes running SQLite 3.5.3 and 3.3.12. When all processes ran 3.5.3 the problem disappeared and we got a consistent high performance (<4ms per select). Regards Ken kenmor wrote: > > > Hi Everyone, > > We are seeing the following