Re: [squid-users] Mark log entries for redirected sites

2011-04-01 Thread Thomas Jarosch
Hello Amos, On Friday, 1. April 2011 02:52:42 Amos Jeffries wrote: Is there a way to specially mark redirected entries in the log file? Both if the above are identical content going to the user. The first one if re-written contains the body with lies in it. The second is saying to the

Re: [squid-users] Mark log entries for redirected sites

2011-04-01 Thread Helmut Hullen
Hallo, Thomas, Du meintest am 01.04.11: [...] Well, I didn't see a 301/302/307 in the logs though I did get the blocked redirect page handed out by squidGuard. [...] Actually I want to do it a bit differently: If f.e. someone blocked during main business hours, they still

[squid-users] Why need this for get auth-sync between squid and dansguardian?

2011-04-01 Thread Fran Márquez
I'm modifying the squid.conf file of my proxy server for replace basic auth for ntlm auth. All work fine in squid, but when I use dansguardian, I've noticed that dansguardian doesn't get the username if I remove this lines from squid.conf:

[squid-users] RE: Reverse Proxy Log Analytics

2011-04-01 Thread Justin Warner
Hello.. I’m trying to find a program that will give me better log analysis for a reverse proxy (accelerator).  I’m thinking I’m going to end up having to write my own script but wondered if there is anything out there before I do. I’m looking to see how many actual hits there were how many times

[squid-users] replacing Apache httpd

2011-04-01 Thread Daniel Plappert
Hi all, I am new to squid, so I hope you don't feel offended if this is a beginner's question. ;-) I am trying to replace a Apache httpd server, who works as a delegating proxy. Let me explain the scenario shortly: internet - Apache httpd delegator - server[1-3] Because, to the outside, we

RE: [squid-users] replacing Apache httpd

2011-04-01 Thread Justin
Would you maybe need to put cache_peer wiki parent 80 0 no-query originserver name=wiki rather than cache_peer wiki parent 80 0 no-query originserver forceddomain=wiki name=wiki -Original Message- From: Daniel Plappert [] Sent:

[squid-users] Does ICP HIT mean the content is fresh?

2011-04-01 Thread wash pop
 Hi ALL,  When an ICP request is sent to Squid , does squid check the freshness of the object ?  e.g.  icp request for object  object in hashmap  object is fresh  return hit  or does it just check if the object is in the hash map and then return a hit?  Cheers

[squid-users] Autenticate user not apear in access.log

2011-04-01 Thread Luis Enrique Sanchez Arce
I have squid 3.1.6 and use basic authentication. For many request not apear the authenticate user in access.log I using the default log format.

Re: [squid-users] Tuning for very expensive bandwidth links

2011-04-01 Thread Ed W
Hi So the remote (client) side proxy would need an eCAP plugin that would modify the initial request to include an ETag. This would require some ability to interrogate what we have in cache and generate/request the ETag associated with what we have already - do you have a pointer to any