Re: [Sugar-devel] Browse.xo performance resolution - Hulahop 200dpi vs Browse 134dpi

2009-05-16 Thread Albert Cahalan
Martin Langhoff writes: The short version of it is that canvas (and image rendering in general) is hurting lots due to the dpi being hardcoded to 134 which forces Gecko into image scaling games. Just setting layout.css.dpi to 96 makes Browse much snappier in general, and incredibly faster in

Re: [Sugar-devel] Quoting in shell scripts (was: Re: [sugar-devel] Recent fiddlings with Print Support)

2009-05-16 Thread Vamsi Krishna Davuluri
Hello! I finally figured what was going wrong with my script. Jonas, I have tried implementing your suggestions. using mktemp, X, and also a -m 077. The code doesnt work for some reason that way. lpr gets me a failed job. Also that code is basically ported from this guide,

[Sugar-devel] OLPC's XO-1.5 software plan.

2009-05-16 Thread Michael Stone
What is the status of rainbow within this? Do you mean rainbow, Sugar activity isolation, or something broader still? If you actually mean rainbow, then you could you please to review and ask a more specific question, so that I can answer it there? (I