Re: [Sugar-devel] possible foundation for an email activity

2009-06-14 Thread Alexander Boström
Den 2009-05-24 07:46, Albert Cahalan skrev: Evolution also happens to mangle mail in ways that hinder full participation in many Open Source mailing lists. That's Thunderbird (which I'm using right now), I think. The Evolution email editor is a wonderful compared to Thunderbird's. /abo

Re: [Sugar-devel] putting sugar around a stick (with fedora's help)

2009-03-26 Thread Alexander Boström
Tomeu Vizoso skrev: - and also, will fail to install correctly an image that can boot on XOs because it seems to require reading a squashfs image in a format that only very recent kernels (2.6.29) can read. No idea what we can do here, but maybe we don't really need to