Re: [Sugar-devel] possible foundation for an email activity

2009-06-14 Thread Alexander Boström
Den 2009-05-24 07:46, Albert Cahalan skrev:

 Evolution also happens to mangle mail in ways that hinder full
 participation in many Open Source mailing lists.

That's Thunderbird (which I'm using right now), I think. The Evolution 
email editor is a wonderful compared to Thunderbird's.

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Re: [Sugar-devel] putting sugar around a stick (with fedora's help)

2009-03-26 Thread Alexander Boström
Tomeu Vizoso skrev:

 - and also, will fail to install correctly an
 image that can boot on XOs because it seems to require reading a
 squashfs image in a format that only very recent kernels (2.6.29) can
 read. No idea what we can do here, but maybe we don't really need to
 read that image from the computer that makes the installation?
 Otherwise, how can liveusb-creator do the installation for XOs on

It loopmounts the squashfs to extract the ext3.img from it, so the root 
filesystem is stored uncompressed on the USB/SD (I think). That's 
optional in iso-to-disk, but it's done by default when you specify --xo. 
I submitted a patch that makes it store the squashfs as-is if the 
loop-mount fails, but you can add --compress after --xo to force that.

I guess the advantages of uncompressing the squashfs is lower CPU usage 
and more flexibility regarding which kernels you can boot with it. With 
today's large flash chips maybe it should be default for non-XO too?

I don't know how to solve this other than to simply not put the ext3 
image in a squashfs in the first place. Add an image-creator ext3 image, 
gzip and distribute that along with the ISO?

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