Re: [Sugar-devel] The User experience/interface for Printing

2009-05-03 Thread Vamsi Krishna Davuluri
The usecases would be as following:

The user, John, creates a document and saves it to his journal one fine day.
The next day john transfers that journal item to his friend's XO the next
His friend, Kennedy, has his XO set up in a moodle environment.  Kennedy
when in school decides to send that file (which is an ODF ) to the teacher
for review and get it printed there. Kennedy then double clicks on the item,
which results in Write opening the file, and selects the print button in the
print toolbar, a dialog pops up (which is understandably similar to gtkprint
dialog), he selects the print destination as moodle, and selects no of pages
as 'all', after sending. (ofcourse there is an internal conversion to PDF
happening, which gtkprint is doing) the teacher checks his print page in
moodle, views the file (either through fancy javascript or a download) and
approves/disapproves for printing. Kennedy then logs into his moodle print
page and checks if the job was success or not, and if he has a comment from
his teacher. But we already know John's doc was excellent. Kennedy goes to
collect the printed document, which he hands over to John the evening.

Use cases to note:
1) transferred docs can be printed
2) A nice graphical dialog that takes care of it all
3) exports only PDFs to moodle
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Re: [Sugar-devel] The User experience/interface for Printing

2009-05-03 Thread Vamsi Krishna Davuluri
== Use cases ==

1.- John has written an essay in Write about sharks and would like to print
it right now on a printer plugged via USB to his computer.
John does this by hitting the print button in write, and selecting 'usb
printing' as destination in the dialog which pops up. He then selects print
in the dialog. John also leaves the default number of pages as 'all' while
he does this.

2.- John\'s teacher asks the class to deliver their essays in PDF format.
John and his friends open their respective files with the default mime type
activity, hit the print button, and select 'export to moodle' as
destination. The option of course is visible only if John and his friends
aren't using all three of their slots.

3.- John\'s teacher liked his essay and would like to have it printed and
exposed in the classroom. The only available printer in the school is
attached to the school server.
The teacher hits approve in the moodle teacher page over john's assignment.
It is sent for printing, and John recieves back an acknowledgement in his
user page

== Non-functional requirements ==

Printing resources can be very expensive for most schools, so the system
should include a way for students to submit jobs to a queue and for an
administrator to preview and approve or denie them.
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