Re: s6 hangs at shutdown

2015-11-12 Thread Eric Le Bihan
Hi everybody! On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 06:37:00PM +0100, Laurent Bercot wrote: > On 12/11/2015 16:45, Alex Suykov wrote: > > s6-svc: fatal: unable to control /run/service/s6-svscan-log: supervisor > > not listening > >(...) > >By this point ps shows pid 1 as > > > > foreground s6-rc -ad

s6 hangs at shutdown

2015-11-12 Thread Alex Suykov
Hi, I'm trying to reboot s6-based qemu system [1] and it seems to hang at around s6-rc -ad change stage. Could anyone please point out why it can't proceed to reboot, maybe I'm doing something wrong? The system runs with s6-svscan as pid 1. I log in and initiate reboot with s6-svscanctl -i