runit and sv check for dependencies

2015-01-14 Thread James Byrne
, could it be included in future releases of runit? Regards, James Byrne

Re: sv check exit code not always helpful

2015-02-09 Thread James Byrne
On 09/02/15 01:49, Buck Evan wrote: My most immediate problem is that my client process is running sv check before runit is even properly started. My current solution is to wrap sv check and catch both the cant-contact-supervisor, and ok:down-want:up conditions and count them as down, and

Re: sv check exit code not always helpful

2015-02-20 Thread James Byrne
is not what you want. Here is a rewritten version of the patch (against the original 2.1.2 code) where I've fixed this in the style of the original code: From: James Byrne Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 17:35:55 + Subject: [PATCH] Make sv check perform as documented

Re: wrong exit code for sv status in lsb mode

2019-04-17 Thread James Byrne
Hi Gerrit, On 13/03/2019 08:04, Gerrit Pape wrote: > I'm looking forward to do a maintenance release of runit eventually and > am collecting patches. I'm glad to hear that you're collecting patches for a maintenance release. In case you don't already have these, please can I ask you to consider