[freenet-support] node

2004-07-07 Thread fwcc
Dear sir/madam, I am a new user of freenet. I don't know why the followinf message always appear,as it is only very seldom that I can acess the link I want. The request couldn't even make it off of your node. Try again, perhaps with the GPL to help your node learn about others. The publicly

[freenet-support] starting problem

2004-07-07 Thread rensinghoff
Hi ! I am new to this freenet stuff, i am running on Linux Redhat and i have a DSL-Router (Is that a NAT?) on which i enabled the firewall. so freenet starts and i get the web-interface but then i always get this error ___ Support mailing list

Re: [freenet-support] starting probs

2004-07-07 Thread rensinghoff
Am Mi, den 07.07.2004 schrieb Paul um 18:25: Router Config You need to set the router to foward port 11354 to the ip address of your redhat machine. That is the DMZ setting. If your router just makes one comptuer the dmz then set your redhat machine as the dmz. Error Is another copy of

Re: [freenet-support] The hang up when ISP dies

2004-07-07 Thread Nicholas Sturm
You should have no trouble reproducing the problem that arises when the Internect Connection is broken. I started 5084 and it hit 100% CPU momentarily. Then about 5 minutes later it went to 100% again for about 2 minutes. I let it run for about 30-45 minutes and it had about 17 connections,

[freenet-support] Inbound requests histogram or DataStore histogram??

2004-07-07 Thread Weiliang Zhang
Which of these two shows the specialisation of a node? -- Best regards, Weiliang ___ Support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://news.gmane.org/gmane.network.freenet.support Unsubscribe at http://dodo.freenetproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/support

[freenet-support] node references

2004-07-07 Thread Robert Greenage
is active x required to d/l node references? i have been unable to d/l references using any browser other than ie. after installing the ie patch that alledgely stops ie from allowing _javascript_ to write toteh os /diski could no longer d/l references. after an uninstall of the patch i could

[freenet-support] Re: Help required - nothing happening

2004-07-07 Thread phil
Dear Toad et al, Didn't get a response to my last post. ipconfig.exe says: Ethernet adapter Local Area connection, then shows the internal IP address and subnet mask. netstat -an says I have 11 active TCP connections (2 connected to the port no. of the web proxy say 'time_wait') there are 5