Re: [freenet-support] New to Freenet. Need help

2015-01-19 Thread Dennis New
On Mon, 12 Jan 2015 14:14:27 -0500, Paul Kruger wrote:
 I am new to Freenet.  Installed okay and have download set up but
 after downloading a few files I cannot find them.
 It says they are downloaded to temporary folder but I look in /temp
 and it has a ton of files, none of which seem to be the files I

Are you sure it said that they were saved to a temporary *folder*, or
to *temporary space*? I believe it's referring to an internal temporary
structure, that can't be (easily) directly accessed from the filesystem.

One option you have is to re-download it, and make sure to save it to
your downloads folder. It should take much less (perhaps no) time to
download it again since it'll probably be using your own cached data.

Do the files still appear on your Downloads page? Perhaps there is an
option to commit them into your downloads folder?
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Re: [freenet-support] Why are you telline ME this???

2015-01-19 Thread Bert Massop
As you might already have understood, Freenet will continue to
function perfectly fine if the computer is restarted during datastore
maintenance. We do however advise users to avoid restarting Freenet
while the maintenance is in progress, as Freenet would have to do all
the work all over again on a restart. Note that Freenet provides this
warning on every platform, including Windows. Also note that we have
no control over how often a machine (or operating system) has to be

In case the presence of the notification is bothering you, please
avoid looking at it. If you believe you see the notification in error,
e.g. in cases where it should not be displayed, or in case you have
constructive ideas on how to improve the current situation, then
please file a bug at the bug tracker [0].

– Bert


On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 10:13 AM, Jim Whitney wrote:
 Datastore(PUBKEY-cache) maintenance in progress: 445568/502974. Freenet is
 rebuilding the slot filter index for your datastore, probably because
 Freenet did not shut down properly at some point. This allows Freenet to
 access the disk a lot less, but rebuilding the indexes will involve some
 extra disk access for some time, depending on the size of your datastore.
 Your Freenet node may be slower than usual during this process, please avoid
 restarting Freenet.

 Maybe you should be contacting those retarded BOOBS over at Microsoft!  They
 force us to restart our computers all the FLIPPIN' time!

 Well, here's a message for you!!!  Please avoid telling me to please avoid
 restarting Freenet!!!

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