[freenet-support] Re: [freenet-dev] My fproxy just keeps getting more HOSED

2002-08-02 Thread Tracy R Reed

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 01:11:14AM +, Phil Marlowe spake thusly:
 I'd thought my earlier problem was due to a collsion between two versions of 
 the Java classes, resulting from a software install gone bad.  But now I've 

After having been out of freenet for a few weeks I decided to have another
look. The network itself seems to be working better than ever. I have had
very good success rates in accessing data.

Unfortunately, my fproxy also seems completely hosed. It is as if it is
single threaded or runs into deadlock sometimes. If I am retrieving a page
in fproxy in one browser window and try to hit the main fproxy page in
another window it won't work until I stop what the other fproxy is doing.
And after a few attempts to multitask with fproxy it seems to hang

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Re: [freenet-support] Negative time

2002-08-02 Thread Roger Hayter

In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], Marco A. 
Calamari [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes
Starting (if I remember correctly) with 486
 in the node routing status there is
 a negative time

Current routingTime: -9223372036854775808ms.

I'm using Linux MDK 8.2 2.4.18, kaffe 1.0.6
 and build 490

Any suggestion ? Thanks.   Marco

I got a probability of success of an incoming request of 2.2 for one 
row of the summary data, which is by an any standards an impressively 
high probability.
Roger Hayter

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[freenet-support] Downloading and installing Freenet

2002-08-02 Thread Bob Yarwood

I am trying to download and install Freenet.  I have
tried twice and each time got the message - 
installation aborted because the file
freenet-latest.jar failed to download.   Java
downloaded and installed OK, and I have disabled my
firewall.   It seems to me that the trouble cannot be
at my end - anyone got any ideas?

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[freenet-support] Any one have an idea

2002-08-02 Thread Nicholas Sturm

I waited what seemed like excessive time for "stash" to appear after the background became colorized.

Finally tried playing around with Netscape commands. On right click i found there appeared to be a screen display "behind" the blank page. I clicked on STOP and the page became visible.

I inspected the HTML code (View Source) and all looked quite normal. Anyone have any ideas why Netscape as the browser was going on to a second page with the same background, but never getting to a normal display point?


--- Nicholas Sturm

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