Re: [freenet-support] unstable builds

2002-11-29 Thread Stef
../cruft//?date=20021126Sunday, November 24, 2002 ../cruft//?date=20021127Monday, November 25, 2002 ../cruft//?date=20021128Tuesday, November 26, 2002 ../cruft//?date=20021129Monday, November 25, 2002 I think it's not a problem

[freenet-support] 100% cpu on unstable builds

2002-11-29 Thread Zlatin Balevsky
latest unstable build - 637, 11/29/0.03 AM linux 2.2.18, jre 1.4.1 the freenet process is stuck at 100% cpu utilization, even when it is doing nothing. Really nothing! ___ support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[freenet-support] Routing table corrupt! Trying to reseed. throws EOFs

2002-11-29 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Build Number 624 [..snip..] 29.11.2002 23:37:58 (freenet.fs.dir.NativeFSDirectory$NativeBuffer, main): Creating D:\_freenet\store\17\1- 45a194ce0e7f69abf3fc57bb019b4a75a1ca4a2a0f0203 29.11.2002 23:37:58 (freenet.fs.dir.NativeFSDirectory$NativeBuffer, main): File D:\_freenet\store\17\1-

Re: [freenet-support] multiple datastore

2002-11-29 Thread Nicholas Sturm
Nicholas Sturm [EMAIL PROTECTED] Why Wait? Move to EarthLink. [Original Message] From: Edgar Friendly [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: 11/24/2002 3:47:39 PM Subject: Re: [freenet-support] multiple datastore S=E4gesser Lukas [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: hi, =20=20 is it

Re: [freenet-support] multiple datastore

2002-11-29 Thread Edgar Friendly
Nicholas Sturm [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: symlink in space on different partitions. If running windows, re-partition. Thelema I wonder if you are thinking in terms of Unix or Linux. On Windows I'ver never heard that repartitioning would combine separate hard disks. ? The