RE: [freenet-support] Freenet port not listening according tofirewall.

2003-11-17 Thread Kevin Bennett
Hmmm.  At a first glance this seems to be working.  After 5 mins there were
8 incoming connections (though none were transferring) and about 60
outbound, some of which were transferring.  No instances of the
non-listening port error this time, but to confuse matters further there are
now a lot of TCP non-syn/non-ack packet on invalid connection. Packet has
been dropped entries, one every few seconds.  If I cross-reference an entry
like this, it corresponds with an outgoing connection that is already open
and in some cases already transferring.  Weird.

I'll leave it running as-is while I go to work and check it again when I get

The firewall is Norton Internet Security 2003, but I have no clue how it
knows if a port is listening or not.



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On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 17:51, Kevin Bennett wrote:
 BUT.  This is with the firewall switched off.  If I switch the firewall on
 the number of connections to listenPort dwindles over time to 0 and then
 never increases, and the firewall log fills up with thousands of those
 Syn Packet on non-listening port. Packet has been dropped errors.

Try this:  Switch the firewall on.  Then restart fred.  The firewall
might need to be running when the listen begins.  But I don't quite
understand how that could be, because I don't think any packets are
sent out when listen begins.  How does the firewall know the port
isn't listening, anyway?  What firewall is it?

-- Ed Huff

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Re: [freenet-support] Beginner... all I get isWaitingfor127.0.0.1... ...follow-up

2003-11-17 Thread Niklas Bergh
 3. I'm behind a software firewall, and have set local host to the
 firewall IP, with port forwarding to my machine. Is that correct?

Do you mean the configuration parameter named IPAddress?  (I don't
know if windows users see the actual parameter names or not).

Or have you set 'localhost' to the firewall IP in your 'host' file? If so...
change it back, it should never ever point to another machine..


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[freenet-support] Re: Beginner... all I getisWaitingfor127.0.0.1... ... second follow-up

2003-11-17 Thread Salah Coronya
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Art Charbonneau wrote:
| I've made the 'localhost' change, but see no difference when trying to
| use Freenet. Over the past couple  days I can link to YoYo, the Help
| Index, and Content of Evil, but I cannot get past the 'front page' of
| the Freedom Engine. I consistently get a 'data not found' error message.
| It seems strange to me that as my request propagates out through the
| default node refs, that none of nodes would know where the Freedom
| Engine list page would be.
Its not just you, I've been running Freenet for months on a permanent
node, and I'm getting the same thing lately. Either is not being
inserted, inserts are broken, or routing is broken (or most likely, all
3 ! ). (Using unstable 6338 here, BTW)
Its being tweaked, so well see what happened next version :)
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[freenet-support] Re: Website insertion ?

2003-11-17 Thread Michael Schierl
On 15 Nov 2003 22:13:21 -, panta-admin wrote:

 Michael if you read this could you please invest some of your precious time
 into fiw, it cant handle splitfiles at the moment,

if you read mxbee's message in devl: fuqid cannot atm either - so it is a
freenet bug. sorry.

if you already tried fiw, you could still try fishtools. or insert
splitfiles as CHK@ with the web interface and use mapfile.ini to reference
them in your site.


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Re: [freenet-support] help

2003-11-17 Thread Nick Tarleton
On Wednesday 05 November 2003 05:17 pm, Dave Hooper wrote:
 Is your freenet running well?  Can you retrieve *anything* or does
 *everything* come back with data not found?  How long have you been running
 freenet for (it takes some hours to adapt to the network the very first
 time you use it - this is for obvious reasons).
Obvious? *I* know what they are, but are they obvious to a newb?

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[freenet-support] Freenet stable 5030 - major bug fix

2003-11-17 Thread Toad
Freenet stable build 5037 is now available. Update your freenet node
using, freenet-webinstall.exe, or the jar (save it over
freenet.jar): .
Don't forget to restart the node (you will need to shut it down before
updating on Windows, but the rabbit icon may do this for you).

Fixed a major bug found in PeerHandler with lostlogic's help. A return
value wasn't being checked, resulting in the loss of a significant
number of messages. This would of course cause timeouts, and other nodes
to backoff the node... anyway, it is important that everyone upgrades.
This bug is also fixed in unstable 6339. Thanks to soros and lostlogic
for finding the major symptoms of this bug on a test network and helping
me to find the actual bug.
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