[freenet-support] build 5050

2003-12-13 Thread Edward Langenback
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 233mhz 64mb win98se Sun Java j2re1.4.1_03 Freenet Build 5050 (upgraded from 5017 [which actually *was* working even though a bandwidth hog]) Freenet appears not to be getting anywhere, cpu pegged at 100% activelinks not loading., no freesites

[freenet-support] Running 5050 on Windows 2K

2003-12-13 Thread Nicholas Sturm
Nothing similar to Edward's problem, but when I tried to view log, freenet hung. Diagnostic message said it did not respond. Stopped. Exited. attempted to delete log. Failed. Found javaw was still running. Shut down tree and have restarted. Most of last ten hours of log was "5 minute wait" and

[freenet-support] huge storeSize/key expiration

2003-12-13 Thread benny
I've got a nice new machine that I built, and I'm willing to share it with freenet. I set my storeSize to 10G, but I've noticed that freenet seems to automatically delete data from time to time. I'm not a freenet expert and I don't completely understand it's architecture, but I'm wondering